10 Reasons Why I Won’t Be Buying An Apple Watch



I love Apple products. They’ve changed the way I work, to the point where switching to someone’s PC is like going from a car to roller skates. I have an iPhone 6, a Macbook Air and a regular Apple home computer – my work tools – and they’re intuitive, fast and easy to use. So now we have the Apple Watch, and I’m unlikely to be buying one. Why?

1. I simply don’t need it. There’s nothing the watch really does that the phone doesn’t do. And I have a lovely watch, sold to me by an old gentleman in Copenhagen – and it came with a story attached. It’s personal – the Apple Watch is not.

2. To charge the Apple Watch you need to carry a special cable around, and you have to charge it at least once a day, although battery life ‘may vary’ says Apple – ominous words.

3. It interacts with your iPhone, so you have to have one of those, and many of its functions only interact with other watch wearers. Remember phone-bumping, where you passed contacts between compatible phones? That didn’t work for me because few of my friends have iPhones.

4. There’ll be more notifications, only with the added nudge of a buzz to your wrist. How many more ways can your attention be disturbed, your concentration fragmented?

5. It’s more intrusive than any other device, requiring you to actively control it. So now you’re controlling your laptop, phone AND watch, and they’re all sending you messages. Life is too short for that.

6. Most of the apps I’ve seen so far seem aimed at children or Californians. It’s an expensive, grown-up watch, so what’s with all the silly Mickey-Mouse, send someone your heart-rate, playground game crap?

7. Wear one today and look like everyone else! Let the world see that a corporation owns your free time! You have a cover on a phone. Nobody sees or cares what brand it is. A watch is meant to be more personal.

8. Now that everyone carries a phone, nobody needs a watch at all anymore. We wear them because they’re an individual fashion statement. Years ago I used to wear a Cartier Tank watch and nobody noticed it. When I switched to wearing a cheap Storm watch, people stopped me to ask where I’d bought it.

9. There’s no one-upmanship involved if you buy the lower range Apple Watch, which looks plasticky and cheap. But you’d have to be as dumb as a Kardashian to want the upper ‘bling’ range.

10. It’s going against the grain of the world’s tastes right now; most of us are trying to get to a point where we use up fewer resources and less useless stuff, not more. I’m sure it’s going to be huge.

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  1. Matt says:

    I have just bought my partner a new phone, £7 from Tesco, Like mine it makes phone calls and sends text messages and has a long battery life. That is all we need, our small candy bar 2G Nokia phone… we are never bothered by our gadgets as we do not have any so do not have anything that continually invades our life. That suits us and we most definitely agree with statement 10 in your post.

    I really enjoyed reading this post thank you for posting it.

  2. Marc says:

    Reason number 1 says it all about practically every Apple product since the Newton for me.

    Apple is no longer an innovative company: it is simply one that takes an existing concept (player of music files, mobile phone, home computer etc.), repackages it into something that is (usually) a lot swankier with a (usually) better user interface, sprinkles the magic Apple marketing dust over it and slaps on a hefty price tag.

    Fair play to them, it is a formula that has made a lot of people at Apple very rich.

  3. DC says:

    They would be an irritation for those of us who suffer the affliction of reading glasses. I can cope with an analogue watch display or a phone with around a 4.5″ screen. The iPhone 5 is too small and requires me to hunt down my specs (+1.5 strength, so quite mild).

    Strikes me that all these smart watches are products looking for a solution rather than a solution needing some innovation. No doubt they will sell them by the bucket load, though.

  4. admin says:

    That’s another point – they’ll sell to go-getting Youngs who need to monitor their heart rates while fighting their way up the career ladder!

  5. Anne Fernie says:

    That’s some mean m………of a watch and strap there. Is it yours??????? Respect.

  6. Jo W says:

    Won’t even be looking at one of these. Like DC, I have enough trouble trying to operate my old steam driven Nokia,because I have to wear my reading specs.to find which buttons to press, so used in emergencies only. But that’s a good looking Harpo watch you have there,Admin. Marx time well,does it?😉

  7. DC says:

    @Jo W Don’t get me wrong. I love technology. I love my smartphone, with its huge display and all its bells and whistles. I get a kick each time I find a new (possibly pointless) thing I can do with my gear.

    I just don’t get the smart watch. It seems to be because it can.

    @Admin. My heart rate monitor advises me not to scamble up too many career ladders.

  8. Ken says:

    What’s profoundly depressing about Apple is that, with more money in the bank than most countries, the only way they want to impact the world is with phones and watches?

    Where are the jetpacks, tricorders, AI a bit more intelligent than Siri?

  9. Vivienne says:

    Heaven help us if people are going to be sticking their elbows out to peer at their smart watches on the train and obscuring one’s reading ability!

  10. Chris Tandy says:

    If I wanted a wrist-piece that did more than indicate what time it was, but caught the eyes of those tediously dull people with their Apple-watches…….. I’d look here:
    There are really creative craftsman watchmakers around, and these examples don’t shout “I am wealthy and boring”.

  11. Chandon says:

    Nice article, but point 10 says it all really. Besides, who wants more of their life controlled by Apple, and to be the same as all of the other chimps? Fortunately, I am not wealthy enough to own any of their products, and I’m sure I’m too stupid to be able to use them.

  12. Helen Martin says:

    Jo, your comment sent Ken back to his book, sighing gently. I looked at that watch with strong thoughts of my father whose watch had a face like that but just a plain leather strap. Did all men’s watches copy Cartier in the thirties?

  13. agatha hamilton says:

    For some reason, when Apple watch first came out, it reminded me of the Sinclair C5. Remember that? Big fanfare for something that was simply not a good idea.
    Jo – Marks and Spencer do a nice watch with Art Deco face like Admin’s, but with leather strap like your father’s maybe?

  14. agatha hamilton says:

    Should have added, it’s an M and S woman’s watch. But they do an awful lot of naff ones too.

  15. agatha hamilton says:

    And meant Helen, not Jo. Am clearly losing my grip here.

  16. ceci says:

    What does “naff” mean? It sounds cute but I guessing not?


  17. admin says:

    See today’s post on words, ceci.

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