Mental Movie Moments 2: Tutti-Frutti!


Used as a weapon to draw South American support for the war in Europe, Carmen Miranda had an odd career which saw being forced to her play on her image of a sexualised, then de-sexualised ‘easy’ Latin girl. When photographs surfaced of her infamous wardrobe malfunction (which theoretically should have further played into her sexy image) this smart lady was doomed by a hypocritical establishment. Just four years after she arrived in Hollywood, they turned her from a hot latina to a ludicrous drag-figure. But sod that and the Freudian symbology, let’s have a good laugh at the lady in the tutti-frutti hat from ‘The Gang’s All Here’ (1943).

2 comments on “Mental Movie Moments 2: Tutti-Frutti!”

  1. Chandon says:

    Thanks. Great clip of a nicely staged number. The number of bananas on show in this clip must have astounded British viewers in 1943/44!

  2. Jeanette says:

    Am I right in thinking that you could have been an avid fan of films on BBC2 on a Saturday afternoon Admin?

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