Monthly Archives: February 2015

Everyone Wants To Do Something Silly Sometimes

Thanks to social media, it’s now possible to stop time. Although not for any useful reason. Or not so that everyone even notices (check out the guy behind the counter):

The Ladies Who Were World-Class Killers

The world of mystery novels is now subdivided into a huge number of categories, ranging from alternative histories to supernatural thrillers, but the film version of ‘Gone Girl’ has reawakened an interest in Domestic Suspense. These are stories which only minimally involve the police, and are often based around marital suspicion and the tensions that […]

Rave On

Burning musical question of the day: What happens to ravers when you take away the techno track and replace it with ‘Yakety Yak’ from the Benny Hill show? You get this searing indictment of youthful foolishness;

Sort Of Great

Yeah, I know it’s been seen by millions already but it’s sort of great.

Art Goes Down The Tube

Back in the 1920s the London underground tube system was updated from its dark-wood Victorian designs and enjoyed a unified modernist look that lasted for the next 60 years – clean lines, matching tiles, elegant lighting and streamlined simplicity. By the time the 1980s arrived, the wheels were really starting to come off the system. […]

Let’s Have Some More London Books

Another month, another slew of London books. ‘Open House London’ by Victoria Thornton looks at 100 buildings you can visit on the annual London open house day, and the choice is quite surprising. There are public service buildinfs, like the stunning Victorian interior of Crossness Engines House, an ornate Romanesque pumping station that contrasts sharply […]