A Load Of Tripe

Great Britain

I am addicted to Very Silly blogs as an antidote to an increasingly serious world. While drifting through the interweb the other day I discovered this. It turns out Bill Tidy isn’t the only man obsessed with tripe (see columns passim). Bill Blunt, journalist, is just such a chap. I mention him after stumbling across his ramblings because Bill Blunt is also clearly an Arrant Fool and a Knave with Wide-Ranging Interests, and therefore most likely A Northerner. Viz;

He has a friend, or perhaps it is actually he (being a trickster), who has several beautifully realised books out, ‘The History of 20th Century Spatchcock’ and ‘Forgotten Lancashire’, and has a blogspot that he has not bothered to update since October 2012. He, or possibly someone else, who knows, also has another over at the Tripe Marketing Board, in which he attempts to persuade educated people to eat stomach linings. He also fakes his own reviews on Amazon, which is as amusing as it is illegal. And he was addicted to ‘My Name Is Earl’ – so clearly a stout-hearted fellow. Buy his books and help Northerners to recover their sense of dignity.



5 comments on “A Load Of Tripe”

  1. Jo W says:

    Thanks for the chuckle,Admin. I needed that on yet another dreary morning. It was absolutely brilliant!😄😄😄

  2. Helen Martin says:

    Oh, how lovely. I was rather hoping for some household help since the top half of my frig is covered with magnets collected mostly by my husband. Our local artists’ guild sell miniature copies of their work so Ken is able to have quite a collection of his favourites. (Yes, we have real ones as well.)

  3. Alan Morgan says:

    Hehehe, brilliant. My fridge magnets hold up increasingly out of date school news letters. My fridge magnets are a wifi password card, and some magnets. Sometimes I need tiny magnets. I keep them on the fridge. But because they are then used to hold up Important Notices (in the pretence then that they are not thereafter ignored) I must at times order more packets of teeny, tiny magnets.

    Magnets are the dirigibles of kitchen tools.

  4. Anne Fernie says:

    The Tripe Marketing Board is indeed – well – a load of old tripe actually. Very funny men (who also deeply care about N.W culture in all its forms) who have ‘taken in’ quite a few people with their tripe promotion ventures although I did try the free samples at their stall at the annual ‘Digger Festival’ in Wigan and nearly hurled. Still I wear my ‘Trip For Healh’ badge with great pride………

  5. Anne Fernie says:

    ….sorry that should red ‘tripe’ of course. Don’t think the offal has developed psychoactive properties since I last tried it……

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