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One reader points out, ‘You’re running an authors website, how about some book news?’ Fair point well made. Okay, first out of the gate for 2015 is ‘Bryant & May and the Burning Man’, which inconveniently launches on my birthday, March 26th (inconvenient because it turns out there was a secret restaurant booking made some months ago, which suggests to me that the restaurant in question might have been pretty fancy – now I’ll never know!)

So, the launch is at London’s colourful Forbidden Planet at 6:30pm – all welcome – and after there’ll be a bit of a party nearby. Turn up, ingratiate yourself with the publisher (not difficult) and you’ll probably get an invite.

If you run a book club, website or society and would like to be sent an invitation, simply include your URL in the comments below as soon as possible.

The following day I’ll be heading to the Oxford Literary Festival to discuss mysteries onstage with old pal Joanne Harris.

Before all that though, I’ll be headlining at Polari with ‘Mr Fowler’s London Writing Class’. This consistently entertaining literary salon is hosted by Paul Burston and is held at the Royal Festival Hall overlooking the London Eye on Monday 23rd February at 7:00pm. It’s gay-themed but gets a mixed crowd because its emphasis is on writers and writing. I’ve seen some astonishing acts there who should be on national television, let alone at writing events. A few tickets are still available here.

I’ll be making other scheduled and unscheduled appearances around the country, hopefully starting in Manchester and definitely ending in Harrogate. There are several other events I’m just awaiting confirmation on. I’ll also be announcing what’s going to happen to Bryant & May following the outcome of the new novel, because readers who have had ARCs sent to them are starting to ask me awkward questions.

If you can’t make any of these events, and there’s a decent-sized bookshop near you that you’d like me to visit, do say and I’ll do my best to add it to the schedule, if they’ll have me.

22 comments on “You’re Invited to ‘The Burning Man’”

  1. Chris,

    We’d love to come!

    North London Reading Group

  2. We would love for you to come to one of the bookshops in Edinburgh

  3. Jo W says:

    Thankyou for the invitation,Admin. I will certainly be there,probably struggling through the massive crowds to wish you a Happy Birthday! Hoping to meet some of your friends I was introduced to last year. If you can’t remember me,I’m the white haired lady with a love of white wine. 😉

  4. admin says:

    Okay, my PR is watching this list and I’m forwarding emails to her. This is social networking in action!
    Also Jo, of course I remember you!

  5. Anji Doyle says:

    Hi Christopher…. Love all of your books,especially Bryant and May. Arthur makes me laugh out loud at times,but also fiercely protective,as if he was my grumpy,but endearing old Grandad! Please,please,please come to Cardiff Waterstones!!

  6. I have a book blog and have reviewed all of your books read since 2007 so would love an invite to the book launch. My website is

  7. Henry Ricardo says:

    I would love to be there, but I’m in beautiful, snow-covered New York. I’ll probably still be snow bound in March. Happy Birthday in advance. I’m looking forward to The Burning Man.

  8. Jenny Campbell says:

    We have a book club at Hillingdon Libraries Uxbridge Library but we don’t have a website. I have in the past got 2 other book clubs to read one of the Bryant & May titles.. working on this one – seems the borough doesnt have enough copies for us to read one.. Love Bryant & May – so much in the series and looking forward to finally meeting you. I won a contest on your website for one of the previous launches but never received any details to attend..

  9. John Griffin says:

    Are you appearing in Brummagem, Leicester or Nottingham?

  10. Andrea yang says:

    Wish you would come to Texas!

  11. Helen Martin says:

    Not much point in my listing local book stores, but I’ll wish you a great launch and a happy birthday in advance.

  12. Stephen Groves says:

    Hi Chris,



  13. admin says:

    I wouldn’t mind heading to Leicester for a decent Ruby Murray now that Brick Lane’s not what it was, but I draw the line at Birmingham. And I read Joe R Lansdale’s ‘Cold In July’, so I know what goes on in Texas! (Wouldn’t mind a visit though.)

  14. Kevin Etheridge says:

    Hi Chris

    I wish I could be there on the 26th…..unfortunately, the Nazi’s I work for have got me on Night shifts 😉

    Would love to be there and chat, but looking forward to the book, and also I see from Amazon, the short stroies from B&M ‘Glory Stories’….wicked…..

    Just remember….do anything nasty to Janice Longbright and I WILL hunt you down 😉

    I hope it goes well on the night



  15. Korri says:

    Please come to Pwllheli Wales. Would love to see you in a bookshop near me. Sadly can’t make party heartbreaking. But so busy trying to put a fur suit together silly me what what !!!

  16. Helen Martin says:

    We’re the only part of N. America, apparently, not suffering inclement weather of one sort or another. The organizers are concerned that the the cherry blossoms may be finished before the festival comes around, the crocuses and daffodils are in bloom and we’re going to have to mow the lawn soon. Perhaps I will list the bookstores.

  17. Debra Matheney says:

    Ordered the book from Amazon UK- can’t wait for the US to publish it.I am thankfully in California which is having unseasonably high temps. 90% chance of rain tomorrow, which we so need. Thankful not to be in Boston, but wish we had some of the water.

    Happy birthday,happy book launch and happy writing!

  18. Lee Ann says:

    Come to Denver!
    You always get great newspaper reviews and we have the Tattered Cover Bookstore, one of the best independents anywhere.

  19. Alan Morgan says:

    Awww, on a school night? 😉

    My daughter’s birthday the very next day. Would have been wonderful, but I’m sure it still will be. Looking forward to The Burning Man. It doesn’t look good for our Arthur.

  20. Lorraine Hopkinson says:

    Please, please come down to Exeter Chris. How can you resist a trip to glorious Devon, especially when Bryant and May were snowbound here in White Corridor? I’d be over the moon if I got the chance of getting my copy of The Burning Man signed by your good self.

  21. admin says:

    Exeter! Now you’re talking! I have an auntie who lives in Torquay, I could come down, eat some famous Devon crab and…no, I must be strong! Look, there’s an invite to Denver, too! Weirdly, I’ve been there but not to the Tattered Cover bookstore – so many places, so little time!

  22. robin storer says:

    How about a visit to Mr B’s Emporium in Bath?

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