Nyctophobia: US Cover First Look



Even though it’s more straight-laced, I really like the reversed-out cover below, chosen for the US edition of my next book, the haunted house thriller ‘Nyctophobia’, while we have the spiffy lightbulb cover for the UK (see columns passim). It’s out in time for Halloween stateside.  If you’re a professional book reviewer, you can request the novel now on NetGalley.

I’d love to get some foreign publishers for this one, but many overseas markets are having a tough time right now. Film rights are up for grabs at the moment so get in before the rush starts (ahem).

Actually I’m really proud of this one, and am very happy with the way it turned out. I hope it will scare the hell out of you – it seems to have given my editor a sleepless night or two – and in my dreams it would be a movie.

PS ‘Hell Train’ film rights are still available, Hammer, if you’re listening!

US Nycto

5 comments on “Nyctophobia: US Cover First Look”

  1. J. Folgard says:

    Looking forward to it, my brick & mortar bookshop has the order for it already! And I’d love to see ‘Hell Train’ produced by Hammer, it would simultaneously be a great tribute and still something fresh and relevant, I think.

  2. Wayne Mook says:

    I like both covers, not sure which one I would plump for. Look forward to reading this.

    Hell Train would be fun, would you have a crack at the script yourself adim?


  3. chazza says:

    Can you remind me of that 30 minute TV film of the early ’80’s (?) which involves a man driving deeper and deeper into a car park until he can’t back out and is surrounded by dusty cars with the skeletons of other drivers also so trapped? I think it was based on one of your City Jitters stories (at least I think it was). Is it still viewable somewhere?

  4. Peter Lee says:

    US cover is by far the best for me – it looks much classier and more chilling. The UK one is a bit too garish with all the orange in my opinion.

  5. Helen Valentine says:

    I’m looking forward to adding this to my collection! I’m also delighted your back catalogue is coming out as ebooks!! Very much hoping Rune will be in there… And Red Bride,Darkest Day,Psychoville,Hellion,curse of snakes……

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