What Did We Learn From Out Of The Blue’s Single?


When a cappella Oxford students (and er, ‘friends’) band ‘Out Of The Blue’ decided to record Shakira’s ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ as a single and a video what did we discover?

1. Shakira’s speech at Oxford four years ago really left its mark.

2. They’ve watched way too many box-sets of ‘Glee’ since.

3. They really struggled to find anyone non-white.

4. It’s easier to dance if you take all the pins out of your shirt first.

5. They’ve provided a useful visual representation of what happens in posh kids’ heads when they hear music.

6. It’s for a good charity and can therefore be forgiven anything.


2 comments on “What Did We Learn From Out Of The Blue’s Single?”

  1. Andrea yang says:

    Aww they are adorable.

  2. John says:

    Oh come on Chris. They’re fun! I hate to tell you but ALL young men dance like that. Has nothing to do with being posh. But some of the hip action… “You know my hips don’t lie…” Oh my. You can say that again, girl!

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