My All-Time Summer Discs


Eze again

I had no idea that the show ‘Desert Island Discs’ was still going. The last time I tuned in, Roy Plomley was interviewing people who always seemed to choose the Grenadier Guards playing something hideously patriotic.

Given that my musical tastes fluctuate whimsically, it’s hard to pull together a definitive top ten for the summer, but it must be done. I just arrived back in Barcelona, went out for a snack and knocked over my water glass, to which the waiter said; ‘Relax, you’re in Barcelona now.’ I like that. So, a summer top ten – it’s gotta be done…

There’ll always be a bedrock of classical music I love (Mozart, Shostakovich, Tchaikovsky, Offenbach, Debussy) and we can assume that a separate crate of albums washed up with me, along with a crate full of modernists like Mertens, Cage and Nyman  – that’s a point, how does the show cope now that streaming is replacing discs? ‘Desert Island Streams’ sounds quite nice. So to top them up I’d pick some ‘popular music’, as the young people call it…

1. Creep

Not the Radiohead original, which is sort of horrible, but the haunting Eliza Lumley version.

2. At The River

Because a life without Groove Armada is a life without sunshine or sand between your toes. Or whelks.

3. Adios Aya

Who could resist Jose Padillo’s farewell to his beloved island DJ-ing? Did any track ever say goodbye with such warmth?

4. Lie Down In Darkness

You only need one Moby track because they’re all basically the same, but this is a gem. The original ‘Nice video, shame about the song’ band still managed some great choons.

5. Slip Into Something More Comfortable

Hard to believe that Kinobe’s signature song is now 13 years old. The opening riff is lifted from an old Englebert Humperdinck track. Eho knew the Hump was so cool?

6.  Aurora

Mr Untel’s albums are the sound of summer personified. Some of them, anyway. Others are the kind of music you don’t notice over dinner. Unless you’re guests are really, really boring.

7. Hip Hip Chin Chin

Club Des Belugas seem to have mixed grooves in some cheesy timeless continental netherworld – all this and Frank Sinatra!

8. That’s Classic

I’ve got pants older than the combined ages of Rizzle Kicks. How did they manage to sound like old songs on Radio Caroline? Reincarnation?

9. At Last You Only Live Twice

DJ Zebra mashes up tracks that he recognises will fit perfectly over each other – the whole album is simply amazing.

10. Bottle Rocket

The sound of summer in the city from Go! Team – I got married to this and freaked out the registrar. Excellent.

To play out this little mix, how about Morricone’s ‘The Ecstasy of Gold’ remixed by DJ2Bad?


9 comments on “My All-Time Summer Discs”

  1. Dan Terrell says:

    Well, I know next to none of these songs, except possibly for number #9, which appears to be two songs that I may actually know when unmashed. I wonder if this is due to my geographic location, or my age, or both. Although, I’d like to think it’s more where we live not the number of years we’ve lived.

  2. admin says:

    I’ll post a couple of tracks and get you hooked!

  3. Helen Martin says:

    Not a one – except 1/2 of #9. I live in some netherworld without recognizable music. I hear it but have neither the titles nor the artists. On the other hand, when asked which I’d choose to lose (as if you’d ever have a choice), hearing or sight, I always plump for hearing.

  4. Agatha Hamilton says:

    No Tom Waites? Don’t know why I should expect to see him on your list, but summer and TW seem to go together.
    They had to ban ‘My Way’ on Desert Island Discs because so many people wanted it.
    I did hear a stunning piece of music though, once, on it – Strauss’s ‘Zueignung’. Really made me sit up. (Was driving at time, so quite easy to do). Have loved it ever since.

  5. Roger says:

    “Roy Plomley was interviewing people who always seemed to choose the Grenadier Guards playing something hideously patriotic.”

    You chose badly. With the right people their selection was astonishingly revealing- Elizabeth Schwarzkopf chose nothing but records by herself; Otto Preminger chose soundtracks to his films, his autobiography as a book (perhaps, in the tradition of showbiz people, he’d never read it before), and when Roy Plomley suggested he was not universally popular, Preminger demanded the names of his enemies.

  6. snowy says:


    It’s summer! time to ‘put a little funk in your trunk’


  7. Dan Terrell says:

    I am told by people who knew her that Schwarzkopf was very humorous and loved to party.
    One story she told involved an outdoor stage in Brazil while she was on an overseas tour. She was singing standing at the end of a long spotlight beam. In the middle of an aria, she spotted a beetle flying down the spotlight’s path. It got closer and closer, bigger and bigger, and was heading toward her low cut and most abundant blouse. Suddenly it struck her on her chest, shot down her cleavage, and as Ms. Schwarzkopf liked to say, she never before, or later, hit such a high note! She raced off stage ripping at the blouse and based on a photo I have, I’d say that must have been something Wagner never could have orchestrated.

  8. John Griffin says:

    I’m always astonished how musical interests differ, often diametrically within couples. I love english pastoral, primarily RVW, Jimi Hendrix, blues, Richard Thompson and Eliza Carthy; my wife alt:country, Leonard Cohen, Ike & Tina Turner (Saturday morning clear-up is their first two albums) and TRex. I have heard of almost none of Admin’s artists and tracks 🙂

  9. jan says:

    who knew that the opening of Slip into something more comfortable was lifted from Engelbert Humph !!
    That really is one of my all time favourite tracks its lovely

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