20 E-Books Before The End Of The Year



Well, that’s the plan anyway.

I’ve had a lot of requests to put my other works online as digital copies. It’s a big project but it now looks like there will be 20 books in all, and I hope to be able to set them at very reasonable prices. I hate collecting stories from authors only to find them duplicated in different collections, so I’m working to ensure that among the story collections there will be no doubles. There will be nine novels and nine volumes of stories, plus an extra volume of uncollected rarities, never-before-seen material and brand new stories, and a new ‘Best Of’ volume so that readers who don’t want to buy all the separate collections can get a single taster volume at a decent price.

As you can imagine it’s quite a complicated undertaking and I have to get this absolutely right, but I plan to reward your patience with some surprises. All of these books are officially out of print and haven’t been seen in years, so I’m thrilled to be getting them back into the public arena. Each novel will have a specially commissioned new cover from the lovely Martin Butterworth, the original artist who designed some of my earliest books, in order to create faithful new versions of the originals.

If it all goes well I’ll get out print editions of more popular volumes. God forbid that any of them should prove popular at all in the current climate, but this may be an example of people power.



7 comments on “20 E-Books Before The End Of The Year”

  1. Reuben says:

    When I see a bowler hat and an umbrella like that I think it’s a The Avengers story.

  2. Wayne Mook says:

    Oh dear, I think I’ll have to start saving. Cheers, admin.


  3. Vivienne says:

    Good grief.,I’m amazed you remember what you’ve written I can see my suitcase may be lighter this year if I can get these books on my kindle.

    Is there somewhere I can put in a word for Wm McGonagall, mentioned in last week’s Invisible Ink?

  4. Normandy Helmer says:

    North American distribution? Please? Please?

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