One To Relish?


IMG_2916It now seems that the fixed-line telephone – an object which appeared late in my life (we didn’t have one until I was 17) may turn out to have been a relative flash in the pan after all. My mother bought a Trimphone, one of those phones which was so lightweight that it flew off the table when you picked up the receiver. She also purchased a bizarre rickety telephone table which you were meant to sit at while making the call.

Despite living in the travel-epicentre of London, between three major national railway termini, I get rubbish broadband speeds from BT, who issue vague promises about improving the service only to keep endlessly moving the date back. So why do I stay? Well the BB comes bundled with the phone line, which has by now become a mysterious device only seen in Hollywood films or used by cold-callers and the aforesaid mother, back when she could still remember that the TV remote wasn’t a mobile (I made sure never to call her when she was ironing). These days if I ring she shouts ‘I can’t hear you’ 42 times before hanging up.

A tentative welcome, then, to Relish, a startup that plans to do away with stupid fixed-line phones forever with this nifty little bugger, which you just plug into a wall and turn on (having first remembered to switch over your printer and any airplay devices). So far it doesn’t come anywhere near to matching the speeds promised in the PR but I’m prepared to give it the full two weeks sale-or-return time. It’s definitely faster, and if it comes anywhere near to matching the speed promises I happily kick the BT equipment into touch and cough up 20 nicker a month for not having to stare at a download bar with the intensity of watching the final season of ‘Breaking Bad’.

There’s been an early rush to get one – clearly others also think that divorcing BB and fixed lines is a wizard idea – and there’s just one snag at the moment; it’s London only. But if Relish can do what it says it can do, it won’t be just London for long.

7 comments on “One To Relish?”

  1. Jo W says:

    Admin, I also shout”I can’t hear you” down the telephone,to people I don’t wish to talk to,especially cold callers. Perhaps your mother’s trying to tell you something?

  2. Matt says:

    What’s this thing do then? Is it a fast wireless cell phone connector? Or does it work using the wires in the house to magic the content to you?

    I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you, I can’t hear………….. 😉

  3. Simon says:

    Out of interest, what speed range did their postcode checker give you, and what are you actually getting?

  4. Steve says:

    We have a land-line internet bundle also; but over here you can actually have broadband without the phone – though I’m not sure how that works. Naturally the cost would be higher. We give the land line number to people we don’t want to speak to – it comes with voice mail. Quite handy, really.

  5. Helen Martin says:

    Everyone is giving up their landlines one way and another so now you can’t look up either a phone number or an address.

  6. admin says:

    Hi Simon – I think they promise something like 30 and I hit a high of 13 (better than BT’s pathetic 2!)

  7. Simon says:

    Thanks: when you say “promise 30”, where’s that number from? The postcode checker suggests I’ll get between 5 and 30 in an E14 postcode. I get 6-8 or so right now so the potential is appealing, but the reality may be no better, especially as phone signal in the house is rubbish. If you were offered that same 5-30 spread and get 13, that sounds tempting.

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