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Welcome to the new website, where you’ll find all of the content that was here before, plus new features. Play around with it, and let me know what you think (as if I could stop you).

On March 27th the next Bryant & May novel, ‘The Bleeding Heart’, arrives from Transworld in stores as a hardback, and as an e-book. This summer we hope to get all of my back catalogue of novels and short stories out as e-books. Then in October, my haunted house novel ‘Nyctophobia’ arrives from Solaris.

Next year the twelfth Bryant & May novel, ‘The Burning Man’, arrives in March. This will be followed in the summer  by the paranoid thriller ‘Dream World’, and an as-yet untitled new crime novel set in London.

I’m also looking to republish the best of my short stories, together with a new set, so keep an eye out for those (actually you don’t need to. I’ll be right here, nagging you.)

Looking slightly further ahead, there’ll be a change of pace in the funny/sad novel ‘Crazy Lady’, which will be followed by a fantasy novel, ‘The Foot On The Throne’, and the first of a new crime series spin-off from the Bryant & May novels.

Does all this mean that Bryant & May finish at Volume 12? You’ll find out on the very last page of that book…I know. Such a tease. By the way, the illustration was done for my story ‘Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside’.

24 comments on “New Look, New Books”

  1. Bangbang!! says:

    Great news about all the new books; lots to look forward to. The new site doesn’t work so well with my iPad though. I have to try and find my glasses so I can read it without holding the iPad at arm’s length!

  2. Jo W says:

    Hmmnnnn! Not sure about the new set up. But I expect I’ll get used to it. Everything has to change,doesn’t it? Very good news regarding forthcoming books, something to look forward to. By the way,Admin,have you proof read your biography? A little adjustment needed,I think.

  3. Jo W says:

    Also, saw on your twitter page that you’re going to Watermarks 2nd birthday party this evening. I’m sorry not to be there. Please pass on my best wishes for this lovely little bookshop’s continued success. Thank you.

  4. admin says:

    Jo, your wish is my command. Biography now updated,and I hope you get used to the site – it’s way more flexible and user-friendly, and can be read on anything anywhere. I’ll check out how it works on the iPad next.

  5. Dan Terrell says:

    With so much new material scheduled to be published, I’ll be lucky if I can get the book closet closed, and keep it closed. Have to try wedging a board between the door handle and the floor.
    Only problem I have to date: I don’t care much care for the pink color that highlights your reply.
    What a B&M spin off? I wait book 12 with some trepidation. Remember what happened when Doyle tried to kill off Sherlock.

  6. John says:

    Wow! This is a real change. I prefer black text on white background (so stubbornly old fashioned), but I’ve grown so used to the other way round over here that I almost thought I had re-directed to a fake site. For some reson the images are not downloading on this browser (I’m at work and we a have all sorts of safeguards for our somewhat out of date Windows network), but I’m sure all will be well when Im at home on my Mac laptop.

  7. Mairi says:

    Reading my first Bryant & May mystery. It is listed as #8 “Off the Rails” I can’t believe I have missed the first 7.
    Your introduction to Arthur Bryant : Have you met him before? etc. prompted me to read aloud your description to my husband, who chuckled as he recognized the similarities.
    Would it spoil the enjoyment of the first seven if I continue to read #8 first?
    I just don’t want to put it down.
    Mairi Maxwell
    Vancouver Canada

  8. Wayne says:

    Nice site, I like it. Doesn’t feel quite as personal though I miss the moody header shots of Kings cross. Good to see your still holding on to the reins and having input.

    Having read about all your upcoming Books I am glad I moved you upstairs into the bedroom so you have more shelf space… Actually shelves all to your-self….

    Keep up the good work and hope your get it all published.

  9. Matt says:

    Really works well with my iPad, better than the old site did. Congratulations on a great new blog site. Nice to see some of the other book covers back on the site too. Shame your whole bibliography isn’t available on view here. Good to hear about your new books too. How busy you are! How do you find time to blog as well? Best of everything to you long may you continue to please your fans…. And new readers too.

  10. admin says:

    The whole bibliography will be available to view. The salmon-pink Admin colour is changing, and to Mairi – you can pretty much start wherever you like so long as you read 7 & 8 together…

  11. Dan Terrell says:

    Thank you. The pink was a bit primrose cosy for some of your writing – better slasher scarlet.

  12. steve says:

    Hi Chris,
    I prefer the new look for the site. I tend to catch up on my (old now) blackberry, this clean look is much easier to read- sometimes found the white on black tough to follow.

    Tons of new material coming down the track then, have you figured out a way to write while you sleep!

  13. snowy says:

    Ooh it’s all gone WordPress 3.8.1, all white, with all the posts ‘folded up’ on themselves.

    *lifts bonnet slightly*
    Theme Name: Christopher Fowler 2014
    Author: Random House Digital Studio
    Description: Christopher Fowler 2014
    Version: 1.0

    It calls some font families that are ?Android only? and only one? that is native to other platforms?

    *closes bonnet quickly, but silently*
    *rubs off any evidence of fingerprints*

    The blog format is fine for me, [though doubtless I will forget what formatting tags are usable], missing only a Comment counter for each post.

    I do have a slight reservation, one that applies to all blogs that are using this style.
    It makes readers work much harder to get to the authors content and that has to be a bad thing.

  14. snowy says:

    Having pressed the button, it’s only then that I spot something slightly awry. *smacks head*

    When viewed in a window the right hand column goes a bit “Timewarp”

    On stretching the window out it “does a jump to the left”.

    On stretching the window in it “does a step to the right”.

    Which reveals some sort of red padding element to the left of the ‘SUBMIT’ button, [bit Orwellian!], that covers the Search ‘text box’.

    [No experiments have been tried vith the variable $pelvis, because we all know that can go terribly, terribly wrong.]

  15. Peter Lee says:

    An odd quirk… When I access the site on my tablet it refuses to open the home page & instead takes me straight to the blog. If I put the tablet browser into desktop mode it works fine.

    Tablet is running Android 4.4.2 and the latest Google Chrome browser.

  16. Martin says:

    Great new look, can’t wait to get Rune on my kindle – love it!

  17. snowy says:

    The header logos on the Bio and B&M pages are a nice touch.

  18. Helen Martin says:

    Everything working well in Windows 7 on my PC out here, although I miss the Kings Cross headers, too, and the textual directors which are now down here at the bottom. Haven’t been to other parts of the site yet, but I’m sure they’re fine.
    Hah! No limiting box around our writing, not that we ever allowed it to limit us. Welcome to Mairi from my part of the world.

  19. Tom Kass says:

    I just found Bryant & May novels and I enjoy the series very much. It is hoped your coming surprise will not be their demise.

  20. Peter Lee says:

    Just noticed the Books page is missing “Invisible Ink”, “Menz Insana”, “The Ultimate Party Book” and “How To Impersonate Famous People”.

  21. FabienneT says:

    Oh dear… I need to start saving now – so many books to buy, and I still haven’t acquired the two parts of your autobiography yet! Nyctophobia sounds fab… I’m myself in the late stages of a Gothic Novel… I don’t know how you can produce so many books, what a prodigious working pace you have! I am such a slow writer, and can only write one book at a time… We will see you in Whitstable on May 10th, looking forward to the British Gothic talk!

  22. J. Folgard says:

    At first I thought I had landed on another site, but the new look is fine! Just added ‘Dream World’ to my somewhat messy wish list, too.

  23. Anji Doyle says:

    Hey Mr Fowler!

    Love the new layout,extremely phone friendly,extremely informative and witty as expected! Well I have a lot more books to add to my bookcases now,will need to buy more methinks!! You are such a prolific writer,wish I could be the same. Love all your work as I have mentioned before and always greet any new
    work with relush 🙂

  24. Anji Doyle says:

    By the way how about a visit to Cardiff…pretty please?

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