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We obsessive collectors will forever buy on DVD and Blu-Ray, no matter how anxious the major studios are to get us to stream their Hollywood-mainstream-only films. Do you honestly think Hollywood will ever stream Belgian horror film ‘The Bone Collector’? As it is, Apple has done away with optical drives, so I now carry a portable drive with me, but my laptop is region-encoded, so I’m pleased that some films are finally finding their way onto PAL-discs – although of course the Blu-Ray ones won’t play on computers.

Upcoming, we have beautiful box sets of the Dr Phibes films, Theatre of Blood, Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell and others. Now we need nice new prints of Death Line, The Mutations, Entertaining Mr Sloane, Loot and What The Butler Saw, all of which I have on ShoddyVision. Michael Powell’s O Rosalinda! completes his set of films II have that on WoolyView). I detect the hand of the artist Vic Fair in the above poster – it’s his style, and a quad, the peculiar shape British posters used to use because they fitted underneath shop windows.

Now if only someone would finally film the missing third part of the Dr Phibes trilology (new word, goes with the appalling ‘quadrilogy’)…

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  1. snowy says:

    There have been whispers that Dr Phibes might get a Burton remake starring Capt’n Jack Sparrow.

    I can understand the former, but the latter doesn’t feel ‘right’, decent actor but still too young and pretty to summon enough pathos.

    Not sure who could pull it off.

    [Studiocanal put out a DVD of Entertaining Mr.S about a year ago, not seen it [yet] so can’t vouch for the visual quality.]

  2. Mim says:

    Oooh, Dr Phibes! Excellent.

    Snowy, how about Anton Lesser as Dr Phibes?

  3. snowy says:

    I’m sadly not very familiar with Mr Lesser, I only know him as ‘Falco’ on t’wireless. And in that incarnation he seemed a bit ‘slight’ but that might just be the way the role was written.

    I did mull it over in an idle moment. Jack Nicholson is too hammy, Tony Hopkins is too well fed and Heath Ledger too dead.

    It’s difficult to find somebody who can give good “looming menace” and ooze “sinister”.

    Gary Oldman gives a good ‘un-hinged’ in ‘The Fifth Element’, but tends to overdo it a bit. [And he does get a bit squeeky at full tilt.]

    My last thought was Mark Strong, in a suitable wig, [he was the malevolent Lord Blackwood in the recent Hollywood Sherlock Holmes.]

  4. Ken Mann says:

    Anton Lesser is one of the great underrated actors. In a simultaneously more and less rational universe he would be Sir Anton Lesser (more because he deserves it, less because our honours system is idiotic).

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