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FF Forgive the plugs this week, but you can always skip this post. The updated Film Freak paperback has got off to a flying start and here’s what the critics have to say about it so far…

‘Film Freak is a homage to pre-digital cinema, an elegy for the vanishing London of almost half a century ago, and a tribute to friendship, gonzo-style. Two thumbs up for this triple-billing.’ – Financial Times

‘What lifts Film Freak out of the realms of amusing recollection and into another league altogether is that, in its own peculiar way, it’s a love story. I was so smitten with this book that I read it through from cover to cover in one sitting. At times, I found myself laughing loudly and lengthily. Above all, though, I was moved. There have been a lot of books about grief recently, but I don’t think I’ve ever come across such a stark and affecting description as this. It’s a dazzlingly funny and evocative book conjures up a world before corporate suits took over. It’s also the most tender and genuine story of a bizarre and complicated relationship. Anyone who loves film and brilliant writing should invest in this slice of British Culture.’ – D Mail

“***** This is the sort of book that should be prescribed as a pick-me-up on the NHS. Film Freak is gold-plated writing: uproarious, then dark, and surprisingly moving. Above all it’s a fabulous evocation of a London and a way of life, now almost gone forever.’ Mail On Sunday

‘As a master storyteller, he slips deftly from fiction to fact: I’ve rarely read a better analysis of the movie business. This is a beautifully written and often hilarious book.’ Sunday Express

‘An entertaining behind-the-scenes account of film culture in the  seventies. A wistful perspective on a time when real creativity was possible. His book is a charming rummage; he finds stuff to treasure even deep down in the celluloid junk heap.’ – Telegraph

Infomercial over – thank you!

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  1. J. Folgard says:

    Congrats for those nice reviews -I ordered a copy earlier today, and I’ll proudly place it alongside ‘Paperboy’. Cheers-!

  2. Chris McCall says:

    Loved the hardback… I really need to buy this, or, as you are such giving person will the extra content be downloadable for us completists at some stage ?

  3. Chris McCall says:

    Ooops I forgot to say “a” before giving person.

  4. Vivienne says:

    What a challenge – buy this book and you may end up agreeing with the DMail!

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