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Wall Street Wolves and American Hustlers 1

Interviewed about ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ recently, Leonardi DiCaprio said he’d seen a lot of his heroes disappear. It’s not just our role models who have vanished – if you’re thinking of trying your hand at writing crime – still the most popular form of fiction in the world – don’t look to the […]

Quotes From My Non-Bryant & May Books No.5

  Looking at it now, I’m astonished by how vicious and surreal the satire is in ‘Psychoville’ (the title of which was nicked by Reece Shearsmith for his TV show, after he had seen the book in my flat). It began as a deeply felt personal project but turned into a  tightly plotted but outrageously […]

Why London Libraries Are Really Dangerous

It’s the question every author dreads; ‘Where do you get your ideas from?’ But I can answer in some confidence – London. And I’ll never run out of them. Walking out your research only gets you so far; you head for the site of a Tudor beheading and find a new office block on it. […]


Recent forensic evidence came in from 39 heads found under London Wall in 1988. Scores of skulls excavated in the heart of London have provided the first gruesome evidence of Roman head hunters operating in Britain, gathering up the heads of executed enemies or fallen gladiators from the nearby amphitheatre, and exposing them for years in […]

If You’re Really Bored…

You can follow me on Facebook and Twitter, the former under ChristopherRobertFowler, the latter under Peculiar. I just posted more shots of Latvia so you’ll find them on FB.

Going Mad In Latvia: Day Three

The book hand-off across Riga between old and new libraries took stamina in these temperatures, but the sight of so many adults and children passing books across the city was a joy. My friend Izabella once went to Arkangel. I asked her, was it as cold as this? She said ‘No, this is colder.’ So […]

Mistakes In Latvia: Day Two

Started off being too loudly friendly, frightened everyone off. The history of Latvia is one of enduring hardship and occupation, which probably accounts for the quiet reserve of its people. The January cold is a living thing here that bites and gnaws. It actually hurts. Warding it off involves hot chocolate, gloves, hats, dead furry […]

Mistakes I Have Made In Latvia So Far

Two weeks ago Latvia switched to Euros, so I have the wrong money. January has a special kind of cold, a Russian cold that cuts deep into your heart and numbs your brain, rendering all normal thought impossible. I’ve quickly discovered the flaws in my wardrobe, the sweater that doesn’t quite cover my midriff, and even […]

It’s All In The Twist

Man, I love twist endings. But only on one condition; that they stand a story on its head and make you see everything differently, that they make you realise how the story all falls into place and how that’s what it could only ever have been, only you didn’t spot it. My partner spots everything. […]

Quotes From My Non-Bryant & May Books No.4

  ‘Darkest Day’ was my fourth novel and my second bash at incorporating Bryant & May into a supernatural thriller, and again I wasn’t happy with the result. I had been bullied into adding the supernatural elements by the publishers, and had argued for writing a straight crime novel, but no, we ended up with […]