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Me in BCN flat 1I’ve been threatening this for ages, but now the time is right for an overhaul of this site, getting rid of the sidebars, cleaning it up and making it simpler and fresher to navigate. The process should be seamless, and will happen in the next few weeks.

Thanks and farewell then, to lovely Simon Moore, the creative whizz (and now new dad) who spent so much time working on the original, and hello to the Transworld team who’ll make sure our new online home is navigable on every device.

Blogging takes up a chunk of every day, and when I’m travelling I need to prepare several pieces in advance to make sure that each day is covered. I’ve been rewarded by having some of the most interesting and curious (in every sense) commenters on the web. I read all of the comments every day and often add to them. The old articles will remain available.

What’s changed since I started? Everyone’s got a lot more polite as internet protocol has kicked in. I sort of miss the Kristen Stewart Haters. I guess they’re attacking my pal Joanne Harris now, after her very funny tweet about Stewart telling everyone she was starring in a timeless love story…’1984′ (oh yes). She wrote; ‘This is MY room 101!’ Although there’ll never be a better viral than the one with the girl screaming and sobbing after Stewart cheated on R-Patz.

I’ll continue to cover writing, upcoming books, films, anything with a story, London, writing and any weird stuff that strikes me as interesting. Especially reading, since it was announced today that researchers have successfully proven that reading makes you smarter – well, duh!


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  1. Wayne says:

    Thank you Chris, This has to happen I guess. Its is always a pleasure reading your daily blogs and I hope when the changes happen we will still be able to communicate with you in the personal way we do now. You have always been there for the “Fan” and the curious alike. Some blogs are so unpersonal and so boring yours is not, hope it remains so…

    Best Wishes.

  2. Jo W says:

    Hear,hear, Wayne!

  3. Dan Terrell says:

    I agree with Jo W. and Wayne.
    This has been a unique blog. It has provided a daily window on so many interesting things, including the varied comments of your readers. And it has been amazingly interactive.
    It is obvious that you have had to spend a lot of time on maintaining it. Doing this at the expense of your many other projects, your travel, and your other interests.
    All your work has paid off, however,in your having a most enthusiastic and loyal core of readers. A group that has offered up good story suggestions along the way, has served as a solid sounding board, and has sought out your new, and old, books.
    We will hope that over time the site doesn’t unintentionally morph into a corporate display window, like nearly all other sites. That would be a shame.
    May the esprit de Fowler continue.

  4. Helen Martin says:

    I hope the Transworld folk are aware that we don’t come here every day just to read product info. You’ve always let us know early and often when there is something new in the wind and not just your writing but others’ too. We’ve learned to plan trips where you’re not going to be (hope you’re not planning on Iceland, south coast of England or northern Germany in May – I’ll take my chances with London)and learned about new and old authors we mightn’t have met anywhere else. Thanks and best wishes to Simon Moore who created this lovely conversation pit and yes, we certainly hope for no changes in the way we interact with all our on-line friends, including our favourite Admin.

  5. agatha hamilton says:

    I feel nostalgic already.

  6. Vivienne says:

    I came to this site through Invisible Ink which resonated deeply with me , and have since valued the input here. My interests in London, detective stories in their broadest range and just human nature are here and I enjoy it all. keep it up and please keep it inclusive .

  7. Alex says:

    Just finished reading Personal Demons and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your attention to detail. I was also curious to see what was the best method to talk to you about the possibility of reprinting a story or two from the collection.

  8. Matt says:

    Yes I agree with the others. Dan hit the nail on the head with his comment;

    We will hope that over time the site doesn’t unintentionally morph into a corporate display window, like nearly all other sites. That would be a shame.

    May the esprit de Fowler continue.

    I agree it would be a massive turn off. Other Author sites are not even worth more than one visit, I have visited a few in my time and most are either out of date or you can tell the Writer behind the blog has nothing to do with the Books…

    I do however see the need to free your self from having to maintain and develope a blog when your so busy doing the stuff that pays the bills.

  9. admin says:

    I feel quite emotional suddenly! Thank you all for your kind words, and rest assured that no-one will dare to clog up the site with product placement on my watch. The design should be simpler, and Transworld, who produced the amazing covers for the UK editions of Bryant & May, have always been thoughtful and responsive to authors like me. Plus, if there’s anything you don’t like, tell me and I’ll sort it out. It’s for you, after all.

  10. Rachel Green says:

    I love your blog and read it daily, but is there any chance of losing the white text on black in the overhaul?

  11. Florence says:

    I was introduced to your books a few years ago through the Margery Allingham Society, which includes a group of keen Bryant & May readers. The blog has become part of my daily reading and always includes interesting/informative/thought-provoking stuff. The responses make good reading too, and add to the relaxed and friendly ‘atmosphere’. I have no doubt that your readers will provide good feedback on the overhaul. Thanks to you all.

  12. snowy says:

    Responding to Rachel’s question/query about the text/background colours this has come up before. And some people have also mentioned that black text on white is also a problem particularly on mobile devices, overhead lighting makes the page glare.

    [For a revamped site it is possible to let readers select different themes. Alternate CSS files, user pref. stored in cookie, they should know the drill.]

    But if anyone is struggling with white text on black it is possible to reverse them in the browser, can’t give detailed instructions without knowing which browser it is. The easiest thing is to search for an ‘add-on’ or ‘plug-in’ that does the job. E.g for Firefox there is an add-on called Color Toggle that does just that very thing.

  13. Philip Jackson says:

    Putting my tuppence opinion in, I would also like to say this is one of the few blogs I follow regularly. Anyone who can wax lyrical about literature with such enthusiasm and love for the subject is worthy of a follow. Like other commentators, I hope things won’t change too radically when the big boys move in, but I’m sure admin will be keeping a beady eye on proceedings. Onward and upward Mr Chris!

  14. admin says:

    We’re going to get rid of the black text on white. It’s only the design that will smarten up, not the sensibility!

  15. Helen Martin says:

    I wonder about losing the white on black, although those who want it can make a note of Snowy’s useful (as ever) advice. Locally we project text as white on black because our older people say it’s easier to read. Our alternate colour is yellow on black but I don’t think you’d want that. Or did you mean you were *not* getting rid of the white text?

  16. Reuben says:

    “researchers have successfully proven that reading makes you smarter”
    Clearly they haven’t meet the Daily Express readers I know!

    Cheap shot I know.

    Anyway as I’ve said before this is the only blog I read regularly and long may it continue.

  17. Alan Morgan says:

    It’s been great, and long may yet it continue to be so (though we curl and peer through lattice fingers at impending change). It is as others have said one of the few places I tend to pop by on the web with any regularity. Also as said it’s the people. You’re all great, you really are. So thanks Chris, and soon doubtless the new. Though we fear, we fear.

    I only read it for the articles you understand 😉

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