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Jesus and Guns 2

Here’s a Christmas thought. The Revd Dr Graham Standish has this to say on ‘What Gun Would Jesus Carry?’, the subject that’s on the tips of everyone’s tongues (or at least on Fox News): ‘Christians face a dilemma when it comes to guns. Would Jesus agree with the National Rifle Association’s approach (…) by encouraging more people […]

Jesus & Guns 1

It must be Christmas, the press are forecasting ‘misery journeys’ and warning of gales and rainstorms, shops are offering ‘panic sales’ after poor forecasts, and everyone I know either has a virulent cold or has already left the country on an extended (two week) break that won’t return them to London until January 6th. I’m […]

The Twelve Quotes Of Bryant & May: No.3

(Bryant and May on surveillance duty) ‘My foot’s gone to sleep,’ complained Bryant, stamping experimentally on the pavement. For the past  hour  they had been standing in the mist-shrouded garden beside  their suspect’s  house.  ‘Nearly  eleven  p.m.  I wish  he’d hurry up.  I have  to say you’re  not  much  company.’ ‘I needn’t  have  come  at […]

Apart From That, How Was The Show?

  It was the Curious Incident of the Ceiling in the Evening Performance, when a bit of it fell on the heads of the audience in the balcony of the Apollo Theatre in Shaftesbury Avenue – but it was reported by even usually staid sources as an apocalyptic nightmare. Although quite a few people suffered […]

+Stop Press+

An amazing review feature in the New York Times from none other than Janet Maslin – I couldn’t be more thrilled. You can read it here.

The Twelve Quotes Of Bryant & May: No.2

(Arthur Bryant on his Father) ‘It’s a very English  habit, not  going  out  much,’ said  Bryant, hanging his  Bangkok spirit-beater  behind  his half-buried desk.  ‘My  father wore  his  unadventurous spirit like  a  badge.   ‘‘Take   your   jacket   off,   you   won’t  feel  the benefit when   you  go  back   out.’’  ‘‘I could   never  live  in  a country where  you […]

Re:View – ‘Philomena’

Stephen Frears has always been a director with a conscience, and his best films reflect his interests. Here’s a story based on recent true events that is every bit as devastating as ‘Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence In The House of God’ (see earlier review), and better for being lightly fictionalised. I presume the horrible custard-coloured […]

The Twelve Quotes Of Bryant & May: No.1

(On Offenbach) ‘I think  I get the idea,’ interrupted May. ‘Presumably it all ends in tears.’ ‘No, it ends with  the cancan.  A real trouser  rouser,  sends you  home  with  a  song  on  your  lips  and  a  lump  in  your drawers. In those days, the stage used to be lit with floats, oil wicks that […]

Fear The Fearies!

I recently wrote a short story for… Fearie Tales: Stories of the Grimm and Gruesome It’s a compendium of traditional tales and their modern counterparts, edited by Stephen Jones. Here’s a bit of a review (I’ve lost the details of where it came from): ‘As with any anthology of fiction, there are always one or […]

Passing The 3,000 Article Mark

Since 2008, when I started running this pub punch-up of a site (as well as posting on Twitter, Goodreads and two separate Facebook pages, I’ll have you know) I’ve just realised that I’ve managed to clock up more than 3,000 separate pieces, usually posting at least one a day unless I’m travelling somewhere without technology, […]