Oscar Moore Film Quiz No.2

Christopher Fowler
Keeping with the theme of Peter Greenaway, composer Michael Nyman re-edited the walking shots from 'The Draughtsman's Contract' to allow his music to play. The film is an intriguing murder mystery that plays like a moving Spot The Difference picture; an arrogant draughtsman demands sexual favours from his client 's wife in return for twelve drawings of her house, but as he makes the drawings, he becomes aware that elements in them change, slowly revealing a murderous conspiracy. Here's a question; From which composer did Nyman derive his score?  


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Off topic, but of interest: NYT today 12/25 has a longish article on eBook tracking services. The services allows readers to borrow books which the service then tracks as they read. Specifically, tracked is how a book is read straight through, in fits and starts, and if finished or not. It is believed feedback to publishers and authors can benefit them in writing/publishing. I think I prefer freer-range books, but it is interesting.

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"Chasing Sheep Is Best Left To Shepherds" is based very closely on the start of Act 3 of Purcell's opera "King Arthur".