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Gothica Britannica

If you’re going to create gothic literature, you have to do it properly, which is why I hate books and TV shows that lazily set themselves in a peculiar non-existent Victorian gothic past. Sometimes, accessing the best bits and mashing them together into a movie works, as in the hilariously inaccurate but delicious Guy Ritchie […]

Has Crime Fiction Lost The Plot?

  A British Library recent exhibition was Murder in the Library: An A-Z of Crime Fiction. Perhaps it gave readers a chance to discover the dazzling range of crime fiction available, and encouraged them to step away from publishers’ current offerings, because, at the present time, the genre has backed itself into a dead end. […]

Getting Away With Murder: The Live Event

This is according to Time Out: ‘Greenwich-born thriller writer Fowler, whose latest book, ‘Plastic’, follows a shopaholic housewife in her 24-hour demise to homelessness, discusses ‘Film Freak’, a new volume in his memoirs.’ This is concerning my appearance this coming week on Thursday October 3rd at Welwyn Garden City Library, and came as a bit […]

Short Attention Span Reading

‘Sheila grew up in Sheffield, a Northern English town that had once been famous for the magnificence of its cutlery and the bravery of its air force pilots. By the time she was seventeen its glory had faded, and the grand Victorian lady had become a disappointed drab. It still had eleven cinemas, the smallest […]

My Bipolar Life

That should probably read ‘Bi-national’, something I’ve more or less been since my late twenties. I don’t like being pinned to one city, which makes it ironic that I’ve become known for my love of London (I do love it, but only so long as an escape route occasionally opens). Recently, though, my life has […]

Murder, He Wrote

Golden Age crime-writing was not the exclusive province of the British and the Americans. Arthur Upfield is an interesting case because something very disturbing happened to him. He was born in 1890 in Hampshire, but after faring poorly in his exams (he was planning to become an estate agent) Arthur’s father shipped him off to […]

Europe Is Another Planet

I was once in Bruges when two pastry-chefs went past on a tandem, while a man dressed as a bear threw sweets at children, and I remember thinking ‘It doesn’t get more European than this.’ Well it does, of course, and here’s pictorial proof. By the time I got through explaining to our horrified guests […]

The Outsider Comes In From The Cold?

I’ve always been a bit of an outsider, even when I’ve had hit novels. I’m certainly not one of those authors with a career plan. This year, though, has been unusual for me. First, a CWA Dagger nomination, and now selection for the ITV3 Crime Thriller Awards, the run-up to which is currently being televised. I’ve […]

The Scent Of Roses

Here’s a story I developed out of an idea in ‘Hell Train’. It’s in the latest issue of the very excellent ‘Black Static’ magazine, the sister mag to the equally terrific ‘Interzone’. The story worked out rather well, I thought, but don’t expect to see it in a future collection, as publishers don’t seem to […]

My Unhealthy Obsession With American Horror Comics

Some while back, under the title ‘Pernicious Muck For Kids’, I wrote here about the Black Cat Mysteries. Now that the book for which I wrote the foreword is out I can publish the whole piece, ideal for those who’d like to read about the corruption of young minds. This is a more detailed version […]