Stop Press: New Nomination


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BRYANT & MAY AND THE INVISIBLE CODE has been selected for the ITV3 Crime Thriller Book Club. the new 1-hour, 6 week, prime-time UK series which starts on September 17th. I was filmed for it a month ago, but couldn’t tell anyone.

The show follows us six nominees during the run-up to the glittering awards ceremony, eventually zooming in on my bitterly disappointed features as I find out I’ve been beaten to the award by someone I’m going to have to pretend to like for the rest of the evening between periodically heading out to the lavs to repeatedly bang my head on the sink.

11 comments on “Stop Press: New Nomination”

  1. Joel Meadows says:

    ITV, the home of culture.

  2. Alan Morgan says:

    ‘This is Chris, we follow his journey to finding out that he doesn’t win. As a professional writer we first join Chris screaming at people who aren’t there, in his slippers, in St. Pancras whilst offering to write for food. Chris, how are you finding the process?’

    ‘F*ck off!’


  3. keith page says:

    Well done, Admin!

  4. pheeny says:

    I hope you are better at dissembling than I would be

  5. Janet Wilson says:

    Never mind, we still love you!

  6. Lynsey says:

    Awesome book to be picked for book club, can’t wait to watch it!

  7. Dan Terrell says:

    Wish I could see the show, but probably never will. There isn’t an ITV3 here. Sigh….
    Suggest you get the home addresses of each of the judges and then let the each one now, nicely, that you do have their addresses and might drop in. Touching up your morning shave with a sparkly straight razor while telling them probably wouldn’t hurt.
    Best of luck.

  8. Rachel Green says:

    Brilliant. Well done you!

  9. snowy says:

    If you kept wandering off to the lavatory, they would have only thought you were ‘powdering your nose’.

    [For Overseas viewers

    a) ITV is the home of culture, as Joel pointed out, the sort that is normally found in a petri dish. (But a gig is a gig!)

    b) Undetered? A little dicky bird tells me: Hola or Proxmate, just disable them when you are not using them.


  10. Jo W says:

    That’s good news. (Not that you didn’t win,of course.) I’ll make a note on the calendar for the 17th. Oh, did the bruises on your forehead have to be covered with makeup?

  11. Mim says:


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