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This amazing video, ‘Nightvision’, reminds me of the thrill of visiting European cities at night. Over the course of three months Luke Shepard journeyed with a friend through 36 cities in 21 countries with the ambition of capturing some of the greatest European structures in a new and unique way. Comprised of thousands of carefully taken photographs, strung together and stabilized in post-production, Nightvision aims to inspire appreciation for these man-made landmarks.

The music is by M83 and there’s a list of all the buildings at the end of the Hi-Def video which you can see here.

6 comments on “Europe At Night”

  1. Dan Terrell says:

    In a word, a word with three letters, two letters the same and an apostrophe: WOW!

  2. Janet Wilson says:

    Thanks for sharing that with us. What a piece of work is man…

  3. Henry Ricardo says:

    Beautiful. This supplements some of my nocturnal visions on a recent trip through England, Scotland, and Wales and reminds me of other trips.

  4. snowy says:

    There seem to be an awful lot of fish-eye lens stuff going on in that, [distortion in the foreground gives it away a bit.]

    But continuing in philistine mode, [moving pictures work of the devil, never catch on etc.] I heard Ian Rankin talking about the perils of being a crime writer on t’ wireless earlier.

    For those that can access Auntie’s output. He is the second item, but keep listening after I.R’s bit for a short tale by Boothby Grafoe.

  5. Dan Terrell says:

    Several good stories on this broadcast, but you have to search about a bit with the download bar (on my computer at least) as the show started well in and had to be backed up. The flaming guitar, or not, and the Berlin story are good.

  6. J. Folgard says:

    Breathtaking, I’m going to share this right now!

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