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Christopher Fowler
Film FreakThe excellent Tim Haigh interviewed me for his podcast recently about my experiences in the wonderful/horrible world of British film in the 1970s and 1980s - he's a really thorough researcher, and always manages to ask the questions other interviewers miss out. It's a great way for a writer to remember the other stories he should have put in the book, dammit! You can find the podcast right here.
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Jo W (not verified) Wed, 22/05/2013 - 12:13

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That was a very enjoyable twenty minute podcast. Helped me forget I was catching up with the washing up and brought to mind some more great b&w films from my youth. Thank you!

snowy (not verified) Wed, 22/05/2013 - 18:40

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Bookmarked for later in the week, I noticed that there is also a podcast on 'Invisible Code' available on the same page.

For those that fancy 'doing the double'.

Sally-Ann (not verified) Fri, 24/05/2013 - 09:06

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Have downloaded and will listen to over the weekend. I just yesterday finished reading Film Freak (in ebook format). An absolute delight. How much did I enjoy it? I kept emailing friends and repeating various anecdotes (and telling them all repeatedly to buy their own copy). We are all furiously jealous of your Star Wars experience :-) The worst part is wanting to watch the films you mention and knowing that many of them are out of my reach - though I did just order Witchfinder General from Amazon UK. Thank you for entertaining me once again. Will there be a third autobiography?