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Keeping track of short stories is really tricky. Publication dates shift and books undergo title changes, and not all all of my stories get gathered into collections. The biggest problem now is that it’s hard to sell collections at all. In response to the previous piece’s comments, though, I’ll at least try for a current list here. Title of story first, book and editor.

‘Imagination’ – The Screaming Book of Horror ed. Johnny Mains (written under the title ‘Anything Can Happen’)

‘Oblivion By Calvin Klein’ – Naked City ed. Ellen Datlow

‘OFF’ – New Worlds ed. Roger Gray & Dick Jude

‘The Ash Boy’ – Fearie Tales ed. Stephen Jones

‘The Baby’ – Magic ed. Jonathan Oliver

‘The Curtain Parts’ – Black Static ed. Andy Cox

‘The Well of Seven’ – Zombie Apocalypse 2 ed. Stephen Jones

Unassigned stories (Simply because I have no details on this laptop)

‘The Girl Who Loved French Films’

‘The Caterpillar Flag’

‘Uncle Alan’

I love writing short stories but I fear the well of available editors feels as if it’s drying up. One long-term plan is to republish collections that have barely been seen and have gone out of print. But it’s difficult getting the rights back in many cases. A publisher can say a book is still in print when it patently is not, and won’t revert ownership.

When stories go into anthologies you obviously have no control over who else you’ll be sharing pages with, or the cover. ‘Naked City’s cover is the tackiest I’ve ever been involved with, but the quality of stories is very high.

I’ve also written a number of Bryant & May ‘forgotten cases’, but have a cunning plan for these, involving a narrative that seamlessly weaves the casesĀ together into a novelistic whole, thus covering the mysteries mentioned in the novels in a single history. I have an idea…

5 comments on “Short & Not So Sweet”

  1. Jo W says:

    Hold on to that idea please,Admin.

  2. Dan Terrell says:

    Excellent “idea” for the Bryant & May short stories – stitch them together, but be aware you will still need stories for the graphic novels. I’ve read “The Baby” and it was a good one in a good collections with nive illustrations.

  3. Dan Terrell says:

    Above drop unwanted “s” and “c” for “v” and we’re home free.

  4. Helen Martin says:

    Only nice, Dan? The forbidden adjective?

  5. Bob Low says:

    The cover for ”Naked City” does look a bit tacky-but any anthology with the name Ellen Datlow on the cover is bound to be worth a look.

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