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The Deadliest Is Yet To Come

Martin Edwards is the author of the excellent Harry Devlin and the Lake District series of crime novels, but he’s also the editor of the Crime Writers’ Association anthologies of short fiction. Last time out, ‘Original Sins’ gathered together the cream of British crime, and now he’s done it again with ‘Deadly Pleasures’. For this, […]

How Religion Works

How Dan Brown Spoiled A Church, and How Demons Didn’t Get Raised

As a plethora of new London books appear in the stores, I thought we’d take a look at Lincoln’s Inn and its surroundings, one of the most fascinating and least explored areas of Central London. At one edge is the Temple Church, a late-12th-century church located between Fleet Street and the Thames, built for and by the Knights […]

Re:View – ‘Gantz’

I sat through both parts of ‘Death Note’ unimpressed, thinking only that this was really not aimed at me, but ‘Gantz’, from the same producers, started out as another matter entirely. A cross between ‘Battle Royale’ and er, I don’t know, ‘Super 8’ possibly, or ‘MIB” crossed with ‘Scott Pilgrim VS The World’, or perhaps […]

Ten Things You May Not Know About Me

Some while back an interviewer asked me to tell her something I had never mentioned to anyone before. It’s not particularly revealing, but here are my answers; 1. I have never been to Pizza Hut, and have only drunk Coke  or visited a McDonald’s maybe twice in my life. Their burger was the most unbelievably horrible […]

Peter Walker’s Weird London

Many films have used London for its sometimes eerie atmosphere (although with light pollution, that’s now getting hard to do). As much as I loved Hammer horror films, we all knew they were rather gentle studio-bound fairytales that couldn’t hurt you, and the rare times they used London (‘Dracula AD 72’ and ‘Taste TheBlood of […]

London’s Seven (Excellent) Wonders

1. The Impromptu! Walking into a theatre off the street at 7:20pm and getting a ticket for a so-called sold-out West End play. Gathering friends at short notice, wandering off to find a pub or a restaurant without having booked. 2. The Low Key! Curling up with some Squeezable Marmite, McVities Chocolate Digestives, a nice cup […]

Re:View – ‘Populaire’

In these bombastic times, can you make a movie in which the most exciting moment comes when the keys jam on a typewriter? ‘Populaire’ thinks so, and may be right. Set in 1959, when being a secretary was actually considered an empowering job for a young woman, it follows the rise of Rose, a girl […]

London’s Seven (Worst) Wonders

There’s no point in counting the obvious things like rising child poverty, the increasing wealth divide or the actions of the imploding coalition government (to the more cynical, it appears that the coalition is being carefully dismantled prior to reappearing separately in time for the next elections). Here are some of the things even the […]

‘Plastic’ Gets A New Look

‘Plastic’, my bleakly comic thriller due out in July, is about a shopaholic suburban housewife trapped in a lousy marriage. After discovering her husband’s infidelity with the flight attendant next door, June loses her home, her husband and her credit rating. But there’s a solution: a friend needs a caretaker for a spectacular London high-rise apartment. […]