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9781843441229How do you give paperbacks a bit of added value, and separate them out from all the DRM-free versions online? How about doing what PulpTheClassics.com is doing, and reprinting a number of classic books to look like tacky paperbacks?

Yesterday I got sent a truly horrible copy of ‘The Great Gatsby’ bearing the strapline ‘When it came to loving…He knew which Daisy to pick!’ The books have coloured edges and fit right in your pocket. And you can enter your own strap line, which they may then use on the cover. The editions bust through the aura of self-importance that has grown up around certain books, by reducing them back to mass market paperbacks. Personally, I never found ‘The Great Gatsby’ to be a very important book, merely an enjoyable, nicely written story. And now it can be enjoyed as such again.



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  1. pheeny says:

    Ah I love it !

  2. slabman says:

    Dang – that’s spoilt my plan to create my own Hank Jansen-style wrappers for Charles Dickens, etc. There is no book that can’t be improved by a cover picture of a brooding gunsel and a moll in a leopard-print swimsuit (unless of course, it’s a Mickey Spillane, where the irony would be absent).

  3. Dan Terrell says:

    Seems a passing fancy (and not the Toronto band of the 60’s, o’ yea in the northerly climes)suitable for the last inner page of a possible NYT Book Section’s April first issue, or an early MAD – the colour comic of several years running. (Great Sherlock Holmes take-offs there. “Oh Mr. Shlomes, you kissing my hand and me just finished cleaning out the manor cesspit.”)Shlomes whips out toothbrush and bar of lye soap.
    If someone didn’t read the original books in the standard wrapper, well, I’m afraid they’ll get a full-body thump trying to enter these old novels. And the next sound heard will be book hitting the wall.
    (Sorry, I’ve been laboring over tax extensions due tomorrow and the 30th.)

  4. Helen Martin says:

    The theme this morning was ‘change’ and the pater familias near me was getting assistance fine tuning the Ipad he was given for his 90th birthday. He says it’s the greatest toy ever but he wanted a background of the Lancaster bomber he flew in WWII so they were getting it for him – complete with sound. Things go around, change, come around, change, and so on. There are items from every field that hang on into later generations. String of Pearls is still a great tune, as is Tangerine. The Sistine Chapel still speaks as do Chaucer’s pilgrims. Let’s have another whirl around the world!
    My sympathies, Dan. Ours are due on the 30th and Ken is getting everything together. With luck this will be the last year we have to have someone else do our return.

  5. Simon Sperring says:

    i’d love to see a repackaged Sexus, now that would be something to pose behind on the tube.

  6. John says:

    I like the idea but after seeing the rest of the line I’m giving a thumbs down to the artwork. Bogart as Heathcliff? That’s just awful. And is that Dan Stevens (or Ryan Gosling perhaps) with a ‘stache as Dorian Gray? What’s with the digitally altered celeb pictures? If a reprint publisher is going to do a pulp retro look they ought to employ real artists to do the covers just like the old days. Look at what Hard Case Crime did.

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