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robert-elms-290If you have some urgent knitting to attend to, you could always pass the time listening to my interview about ‘Film Freak’ on the Robert Elms Show here. Unless you’re overseas, of course, then you’ll probably get a blank screen. Goldarn rasslefrassle copyright laws!

Oh, and I suppose somebody out there knows which film I quoted at the start of this piece.

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  1. Jo W says:

    Oh dear! I’ve only got as far as Weymouth and already I can’t get the interview and what’s more I can’t even get radio 2 at the premier inn down here. Am I into the Jurassic coast already? Will try again when nearer the west coast ?

  2. Helen Martin says:

    That’s insane, Jo! We have thousands of miles of country west to east and the same south to north and there are very few places in the whole vast landscape that you can’t get CBC radio. What’s wrong with the BBC, anyway? Don’t they *want* people to listen?

  3. Dan Terrell says:

    Jo, that’s quite odd. I clicked on the red here and immediately got.
    I’ll have to get back to it as I am messing about with prep tax work – the rest will get done later after the accountant has finished the business element. Sigh….
    Are you trying to listen on a car radio? On a smart phone, IPod, IPad, KindleBlaze (oh, that isn’t out yet).
    Just no going up on the roof, please, with an extra high aerial and wad of foil, please.

  4. Jo W says:

    I’m now in a hotel on a high cliff in Torquay and although I can get BBC radio (albeit on the tv) I still can’t listen to Chris’s interview. I should never have left South London!!

  5. Helen Martin says:

    I didn’t try before but you’re right, Dan. Hit the button and on with the show – with probably the longest programme introduction I’ve ever heard. I kept wanting to say, “Well, get on with it man!” I’ll listen to the whole thing a little later.

  6. Dan Terrell says:

    Torquay? That sounds lovely. Never been there; Southampton, yes, but that’s way off to the right. Have you been to see the Agatha Christie mile? She lived there much of her life.
    If you’re high on a cliff, perhaps you need to drop an aerial down, rather than up, but only on the side facing London. Or just wait till your return.
    Tor = mountain in Germany, quay = dock. Wonder if that’s were the place’s name derived from? Enjoy.

  7. glasgow1975 says:

    oops missed it, that’s what I get for saving up entries to read all in one go :/

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