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The first review is in and it’s a stonker – here. (The computer auto-corrected that to ‘stinker’. Everyone’s a critic.) ‘was so smitten with this book that I read it through from cover to cover in one sitting,’ says the reviewer. That’s better than a poke in the eye.

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  1. mike davey says:

    Loved the book, but to be typically (and annoyingly) pedantic, it was Keenan Wynn, not Stuart Whitman, in “Piranha”.
    Oh, and it’s “Yakety Sax”.
    Don’t publishers use copy editors any more?

  2. Stephen Groves says:

    Hi Chris,
    I read this today going to work ,fantastic review fully deserved.Well done mate.
    I must say this is the first time I have seen one of your books reviewed in the mail.It’s about time they woke up.
    All the best

  3. Dan Terrell says:

    That’s a good review, indeed.

  4. Jo W says:

    Great review! Now I definitely can’t wait to start reading my copy.

  5. Alan Morgan says:

    Very much looking forward to this. Going to keep it back for the next long train journey to the smoke in a few weeks.

  6. admin says:

    Hi Mike D –

    Thanks for the (slightly annoying) pedantry – no, publishers don’t supply fact-checkers, just proof readers. I knew about the Whitman but can’t really give a a toss about Yakkity Sax. There’s one more (to my knowledge) but they’ll be fixed for the paperback. As I point out in the foreword, the ‘memoir’ part involves Katherine Whitehorn’s theory of memory!

  7. snowy says:

    Me no clicky on links to the Daily Hate, sorry. [And even if I did nothing would happen as I’ve blocked any attempt to access their pages].

    [WRT the problem your OH experienced, probably too late but googling ‘Tom Symonds’ and the name of the missing hardware should show what the current response is in the capital.]

  8. admin says:

    Fair enough, Snowy. I don’t mind being in the D Mail, as it reaches the kind of people who wouldn’t like the book. A definition of subversion, if you will.

  9. mike davey says:

    can’t really give a a toss about Yakkity Sax

    I know it’s dead trivial, but to a man with a passion for music equal to yours for film, the mixing up of Boots Robertson with The Coasters just sort of niggles.
    I did read an article once where someone mentioned Russ Meyer instead of Nicholas Meyer, which I’m sure would have annoyed you a bit (although it would have made “Wrath of Khan” a more interesting movie!)

    I seem to see more of this kind of error in books now (I sort of expect it in the press) or maybe I’m just getting too soddin’ picky in my old age!!

    So, are we going to get volume three, “Big Time Author” at any time soon??

  10. John Howard says:

    Mike, a lot of us who comment in this blog from time to time seem to be getting to the stage of life described as “annoyed old git” – apart from admin of course who has a portrait in his loft that has so many wrinkles the paint is flaking.

    Opened my copy of Film Freak during the week, read the first few pages and am inwardly smiling in anticipation as I am halfway through my current book. (By Peter Temple – A recommendation from one of the commenters described above)

  11. snowy says:

    I didn’t think TWoK could have been any camper, [given it features ‘The Shat’ chubbying up against the rather buff Ricardo Montalbán in a silk blouse], but it just goes to show how wrong one can be.

    [Admin, I fully support your subversive plot, though as DM readers are all closet filth hounds* it is bound to succeed either way 🙂 ].

    [*I toned that down quite a bit].

  12. glasgow1975 says:

    obviously they’ve been so inundated with fawning praising comments they’ve had to close the comment section 😉

    but damn you, I’m already scrolling down the sidebar seeing which juicy gossip to click on!!!

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