Monthly Archives: March 2013

My Mentor

‘If five million people love something, you need to know about it’ – so said my mentor, an extraordinary man who had a powerful effect on my life. I’ve now had the chance to write about him in ‘Film Freak’. Here’s a taster; ‘He was the original jazz hands man. He looked like a huge […]

Why Is Hollywood Getting Fantasy So Wrong?

It had an ominous start – the premiere of ‘Oz The Great And Powerful’ was supposed to feature a hot air balloon floating above the cinema in Leicester Square, but after the disaster in Egypt it had been cancelled at the last moment. Pay no attention to the man behind the camera, I found myself […]

When The Present Rolls Away

I’m researching a new book at the moment, and that involves wandering around London with my mouth hanging open, drinking too many cups of coffee and nearly getting run over a lot. Part of the puzzle is reconnecting London’s absurdly dense and convoluted history with its present-day reality, so I’m grateful for days like yesterday, […]