And remember – it’s Crimplene, for men!

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Thanks Evrim Ersoy for reminding me how utterly crap past cinemagoing used to be…I’m really sorry to have missed his April Fool’s night of turning on and getting down at the Duke Mitchell Film Club…love the desperate-to-be-cool trailer for ‘Skidoo’, but the trailer for ‘Exorcist 2: The Heretic’ made me want to see it again!

This is virtually a preview of my book ‘Film Freak’…

And remember – it’s Crimplene, for men!

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  1. John says:

    I saw Skidoo last year when I learned it was finally released on DVD. I could barely get through it. I guess it’s a cult flick because gangsters tripping on LSD seems funny. I thought the whole thing was a mess and extremely unfunny in the way most people find IT’S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD unfunny. But I like that other full out farce.

  2. Alan G says:


  3. Helen Martin says:

    Couldn’t watch the whole thing, but I remember all those man-made fibres, many of which we still have. Not crimplene as such, though.

  4. Dan Terrell says:

    Crimplene doesn’t crimple, I assume. First time I’ve seen the word, but it exists. Learned another word on this site. Fantastic.

  5. Bob Low says:

    Did my eyes deceive me, or does ”The Exorcist 2” feature something that looks like a Broadway musical number? I am intrigued.
    As for ”Skidoo”, is that the same ”Otto Preminger” who made ”Laura” amd ”Anatomy of a Murder”? What went wrong?

  6. Roger says:

    Exorcist 2 is on at the BFI/NFT this week, so now’s your chance to see it again, Christopher…
    Yes, Bob Low, the same Preminger. He’d taken LSD and Skidoo was meant to persuade the world of its virtues.

  7. Rick D says:

    vintage cheese! Thanks!

  8. Rich says:

    I Love the trailer for Exorcist 2. So much better than the film itself. Yes, there is a musical number of sorts in it.

  9. Dan Terrell says:

    No new post from Admin today. I’m starting to shake, have a dry mouth, and seeing little blue men in Crimplene olive jumpsuits. Better be a post tomorrow

  10. John Howard says:

    Dan, I think admin has gone on a secret Easter holiday “WITHOUT TELLING US”. How dare he….. Maybe they don’t have broadband in Outer Mongolia where he has gone Yak racing.

    ( By the way, you mentioned your sons beer making on an earlier blog. Is his name Sean? Just checking i’m on the right site )

  11. pheeny says:

    Ah the nostalgic thrill of that Pearl and Dean opener (I always fancied having a pair of cats called “Pearl” and “Dean”)

    Crimplene though *shudder* that was a real horror – forget Christopher Lee …

  12. Dan Terrell says:

    John Howard: (If I may be allowed to follow up.)
    His site is He makes great ales and beers in a large stainless steel fermenter in his no-longer a garage. It’s suitable for a small pub! But his business doesn’t allow much time for him to brew, which of course is unfortunate. He offers an electronic newsletter, which has new brews he has invented, etc. (He was a professional with several years brewing for a local company.)

  13. Roger says:

    Yes, there is a musical number of sorts in it.

    … And it’s just the sort of musical number you’d expect in The Exorcist 2. One of the audience announced it should have been called Carry On Exorcising. Sid James would be more convincing than Burton.

  14. Helen Martin says:

    Carry on Exorcising would have been an incredible addition to the list. (That’s a nice web site, Dan, I’ve bookmarked it.)

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