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Well, that was fun. The Excel Centre, where I headed to sign books, appeared to have a number of conventions on. The Baby Show sat inappropriately beside girls dressed as Poison Ivy or The Little Mermaid. I’d only vaguely been aware of Cosplay, the art of dressing as your favourite comic character – some of the steampunk costumes made in America, where they take this sort of thing very seriously, are incredible – and was taken aback to find myself on the DLR with about ten Supermen.

I met Roy Thomas from The Avengers comics and had a great time with the PS gang, and this nice Wonder Woman cheerfully posed with the book. It looks like we’ll be having an official launch for the graphic novel at Gosh! Comics in Soho shortly – to be announced – and the launch for ‘Film Freak’ will be on April 8th.

And further good news – it looks like the sales of ‘Casebook’ will be enough to justify a second volume, when Keith and I will REALLY go to town on the artwork and characters…

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  1. J. Folgard says:

    Nice photos, Admin! It looks like time well spent. There are some american websites that have turned cosplay into regular columns, spotlighting the best -and the funniest! The craft & dedication of these fans is wonderful, I think. As a big fan of PS Artbooks’ old-timey horror reprints, it’s nice to know they’re also good company at this kind of event. Really looking forward to the second B&M annual, the first one absolutely deserves to be a success, and Keith Page is brilliant. I wasn’t even born when he began working, but since I read some ‘Commando’ reprints and ‘The Iron Moon’ two years ago, I’ve turned into a fan. So pairing him with one of my favorite writers for a story starring my favorite mystery characters was like another Christmas in January. Cheers-!

  2. keith page says:

    That’s a nice comment!Look out for the sequel…

  3. Dan Terrell says:

    Well, all that really sounds promising and a #2 Case Book excellent!!! I’ll buy it in an instant. Waiting and looking forward to all of it.
    And you meeting Roy Thomas, too. My son and I read a Lot of Thomas’ stuff back in the 70s/early 80s.
    As a former English teacher, if somewhat briefly, Thomas had strong adapting, writing and editing skills. In addition to the Avengers, he did all the Robert Howard stories, and one novel, about Conan, the Barb., (made a former Gov. of California, Thomas did) and he developed a minor Conan character, too, Red Sonja – she didn’t actually need much developing as I recall, amazing costume and swinging long hair – and then Thomas went on adapt many of the other Howard stories and to write his own original Conan tales. He effectively kicked off the S & S craze. Great illustrating, too, by John Buscema et al.
    The son has moved out, married, had a granddaughter, and lives close, but there are a dozen of his comic storage boxes still in our basement storage area. Since I swore I’d not repeat what my Mom did to me. She pitch out the several hundred EC horror comics, etc. I’d left in near-mint condition when I went overseas! Those were gold in hand.
    Whenever my son and I went to a U.S. comics convention, he’d say: “Dad, look at the prices they want for those well-read ECs. How many of those did you have that Grandmother threw away?” “Most of them, sir, sorry.” “Ahhhh!”
    A new book has just this month been published that proves the PhD jerk who wrote the 50s book claiming he’d “scientifically proven” that “mind-rotting trash was destroying our children’s minds” and caused a parents’ panic and woke up our Congress FUDGED his study and statistics, lied to Congress, and while making his name, nearly killing the comicbook business and sucked the creepy joy out of the lives of us kids!. A royal bloody rotter, he was and we kids knew it. Still miss “Tales of the Crypt”, etc.
    Anyone besides me notice that Thomas’ Red Sonja had a really great sword arm, among other things? It’s Sunday, I may just go down to the basement and see if I can find her.

  4. Reuben says:

    Good news about another B&M comic. (Hoping the signed copies will be sent out this week so I’ll finally get to read a copy)

    As Iron Moon was recommended above, I’d like to also mention the quirky wonderfulness of London Calling
    (copies can be bought by following the link to Timebomb comics)

    So you’re upset there wasn’t any Bryant & May cosplay? I’m sure someone will arrange some for next year.

  5. keith page says:

    Well, I was wearing John May’s overcoat.There’s a sequel to London Calling coming out soon, and I’m working on a third volume as well.[Hope you don’t mind the plug, Admin]

  6. Mike Cane says:

    Cue my usual line: *taps foot, waits for e-version*

  7. admin says:

    Oh Mike, Mike….why would anyone in their right mind want to read a comic on a phone or an iPad? Here’s the way the future tips out…comics (paper) novels (Kindle) games iPad, TV (iPad) large format books or ones with photos (paper) and DVDs (TV) which leaves out any physical use for my mobile other than phonecalls and camera. And nothing on the Cloud because of Ultraviolet’s imminent arrival, which will charge you for storage.!

  8. Stephen Groves says:

    Hi Chris ,

    It was great to meet the extremly talented Mr Keith Page, a wonderful gentleman ,and of cause your good self at the Excel centre.
    I had a great time and I am now the owner of a couple of copies of ‘Casebook’ to add to my collection.
    I must say however I’ve never seen so much dodgy latex and dressing up since Mrs STALKY caught me in the bedroom with the au pair.

    All Best

  9. snowy says:

    What is ‘Showcase’? [in front of Keith], DuckDuckGo is not being cooperative.

    Just remembered going to the Tate Modern some years ago, hopped on to the train, as it set off I turned round to be confronted by 6 knights in full armour, helmets tucked under their arms strap hanging.

  10. Kevin says:

    I’ve just received my copy and it is a thing of rare beauty. It was great to have a short story set in the Swinging Sixties – especially as we can see them as well as just listen to them. I’ve always thought that the era would provide a good counterpoint to the twisted darkness of Bryant and May’s world. Haven’t read the rest of it yet, but I’m really looking forward to it. And terrific news about the possibility of a second volume.

    Keep them coming Chris.

  11. John says:

    snowy — I found out what Showcase was by typing “Les Edwards” and “showcase” into Google with one try. Never heard of DuckDuckGo. Clearly Google is better with a good grouping of search terms. It’s a 2013 sampler of the art books available from PS Publications. Click here.

  12. John says:

    Trying again for a hyperlink: Showcase 2013. I think I missed typing a vital character in the HTML.

  13. Liz Rose says:

    Duckduckgo doesn’t filter bubble – show you only those items it thinks you will agree with. It doesn’t track where you go and what you do as Google does. I think it’s a reasonably decent search engine, and it will redirect you to Google or Bling if it doesn’t find something.

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