What Admin Did Next…


Tomorrow I’ll be signing copies of ‘The Casebook of Bryant & May’ graphic novel with artist Keith Page at the Super London Comic Convention, one of only two zillion authors and artists attending the vast event at the Excel.

I thought this year would be a bumper year for me, with four books out (‘Invisible Ink’, ‘The Casebook of Bryant & May’, ‘Film Freak’ and ‘Bryant & May and the Bleeding Heart’) but it looks like next year will be even bigger, as I’ve just signed a two-book deal with Solaris, publishers of ‘Hell Train’, for a new series – that’s in addition to ‘Bryant & May and the Burning Man’ from Transworld and another novel, ‘There’s Something I Haven’t Told You’, with the publisher yet to be announced, plus possibly another volume of the casebook, my play ‘Falling Stars’, the movie ‘Bloody London’ and ‘The Devil In Darkness’, my radio play for Hammer. Oh, and another play.

If even half of these come off I’ll be pretty busy, so for the time being I’ll be leaving Black Static magazine, although I hope to return to their pages when I get some more free time. I’ll continue my ‘Invisible Ink’ column in the Independent, and my crime reviews in the Financial Times, and there’ll be some other surprises along the way.

But what I really want to do is direct. (Joke).


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  1. Helen Martin says:

    Dear God in heaven, Chris! Are you trying to drive yourself into a life pounding away on your computer with not a moment to spare for living? And you didn’t even mention the work that goes into this daily effort. Not that we aren’t pleased at all the material you manage to get into print, but still….

  2. andrea yang says:

    You get all that done while tweeting with your readers?! Have you been cloned?

  3. Dan Terrell says:

    And it was only a year ago that the gloom around the blog seemed so thick. We were all crossing our fingers and toes and struggling to hold back some of the harder-nosed readers that wanted to establish some sort of betting pool.
    Thank heaven all that is behind us and things are soaring for you.
    But, Admin, what about your near-weekly walkouts with your Iphone, or whatever it is you use? You will surely need to stretch your legs. And all of us would love to see more London snaps. So hearty congratulations with that one reservation.

  4. Dan Terrell says:

    Have to ask. Do you buy Redbull by the case or is it piped up and in.

  5. matt says:

    Arn’t you suppost to be slowing down at your time of life !!!! Joke….

    Good for you Chris, I can’t wait for all those goodies. Hope they all come out and do well.

  6. Bob Low says:

    It’s great that you’re so busy-lot’s to look forward to for all of us here. I’ll miss your Black Static column, though-it’s the first thing I read when I get a copy.

  7. J. Folgard says:

    Great news -again! I didn’t know (or hadn’t read with enough attention) about the Solaris deal. I’ve been enjoying their releases for about a year now, and I’m really glad, given the pleasure that was ‘Hell Train’, to know there’s more to come. With Graham Humphreys back to providing the cover artwork, please?

  8. J. Folgard says:

    *to provide, I mean…

  9. John says:

    The movie Bloody London? More on this please. As long as we don’t see a future post entitled “Admin Checks in for Exhaustion Treatment” I see nothing wrong with the explosion of creativity.

  10. Mike Cane says:

    Great news, Chris! Congrats!

  11. Steve says:

    Argh. Such energy! But I’m mightily pleased to see that you’re being recognized at last. Erm, if you have a bit of that energy to spare, bottle and ship a few cases over here, wouldya?

  12. John Howard says:

    Shelves, shelves and more shelves. How will I keep the expenditure away from prying eyes. It’s been interesting this tome round. This next year will see a course on “creative” double entry book-keeping I think. Unless I can hack into the banks mainframe and change all those book buying entries into “electricity” “gas” “water” (Again).

    Admin, I think you have guessed by know that there are just a few of us who will be happy at the news. Just don’t neglect Barcelona…

  13. Dan Terrell says:

    Feel your pain, John.
    At least I no longer have to slip stuff in under my sweater, as I did when a young reader still living at home. Have you thought of shrink-wrapping some of your old books into coffee tables, sideboards, other furniture, storage containers, a nice entrance arch?
    Maybe we could all apply to Kickstart, or another crowd-source funding site, for financial assistance: “Buying all Fowler Past, Present & Future. Please help!”
    Admin would probably write up a draft proposal for us.

  14. John Howard says:

    Dan, sounds like a great plan. Now which ones to start with I wonder. Ahh the entrance arch could be a winner, then all I need to do is plant a few roses and we could almost be a cottage…. (No! I didn’t say cottaging)

  15. Dan Terrell says:

    Learn a new word here every day. Bless UrbanDictionary and Wiki.

  16. Helen Martin says:

    However, it is not a term to be used in eastern Canada unless you actually do have a small home near a lake, a place where you go in the summer to get away from the city. In western Canada it is referred to as a cabin or even camp, as in “We’re packing for the camp next week.” Another nervous making situation avoided.

  17. Shannon Lawson says:

    Am trying to find The Invisible Code here in USA but no luck…when will it be available here?

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