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I hate Guy Adams. Bloody hate him. Not only is he a good writer, he’s faster than me and – well, now he’s just showing off. He and Jimmy Broxton are bringing a project to Kickstarter that looks really cool. ‘Goldtiger’ is a forgotten comic strip from the sixties that mixes the best of Modesty Blaise with James Bond, then adds a hot new twist. You can read about it here.

Only it’s a trick. It’s not sixties at all, it’s a clever con they’ve constructed around a missing cartoon strip from the past that they’re going to revive and make loads of money from. And there’s me pottering around with Bryant & May, and there’s him with his souped-up cars and raunchy sauciness. Damn him and his zeitgeisty know-how.



But it doesn’t end there. Oh no. Because mere comic market domination won’t satisfy them. They’re planning tote bags and T-shirts and badges and iPadlypod thingies and all sorts of other spin-offs. They’ll probably get a really cool TV series out of it or even a bunch of really expensive movies, all just because it’s hip and sexy and totally iconic and ‘must-have-fabulous’ and that.

And did I mention that Guy’s a really good writer? And that the artwork is a London retro dream come true? And they’re already on their way to raising the money and still have about 24 days left to go?

It’s oh-so-clever conceptual ideas by highly ‘talented’ creatives that give us hacks a bad name. So you know what you should do?

Don’t pledge them any money.

Don’t get in on the ground floor of such a cool project just so you can say you were there first.

Don’t prove your cutting-edge credentials of awesome hipness by being ‘in the know’ and promising to buy a copy, like I did.

Then when they have their fancy film premiere and all the stars are there going on and on about how they adored the characters right from the start, you’ll be able to say you had nothing to do with it.

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  1. J. Folgard says:

    This is brilliant, and a perfect example of why I love comics. When the B&M Casebook has become an annual tradition and this wondeful project is released, I’ll be expecting a genuine crossover between your two coppers and the comely lady -set in the sixties of course, so John and Arthur my compete for her attention.
    Oh, and anyone interested in Broxton’s artwork can check out his Batman-related miniseries, ‘Knight & Squire’. Basically, it’s Brit Batman & Robin, with a fun story and witty dialogue written by Paul Cornell. Cheers-!

  2. Dan Terrell says:

    G*d, I love things like this. Looks fantastic.
    All the many little details that make it seem as if it had been, should have been, and still is. Some of my artist school friends and I used to cook up such affairs, on a much less elaborate and professional scale, just for the heck of it. We called it cooking the books or whatever. (Amazing none of them ever went into counterfitting.)
    Greatly impressed by the gentle aging of the two example book covers*, the updated typefaces bit, the buttons, etc. Wow.
    (*) I can almost smell the scent of fresh out of trunk storage, yellowing, lightly brittle comic book paper. Better get it into a plastic storage paper and tape the flap down fast before it goes to worthless bits.

  3. John Howard says:

    Dont panic admin. There’s at least – oooh, 15 of us who won’t join the rush.. Honest.!

  4. glasgow1975 says:

    Oh I see what you’ve done there 🙂
    I love that . . .is it a dress?

  5. Reuben says:

    *cough* I back EVERYTHING on Kickstarter, but I won’t be backing this one. It looks wonde…. I mean it looks terrible.

    And yes Knight & Squire is worth a read too. (or do I still mean it’s awful)

    I am kind of curious how many people who have bought the B&M Casebook have never read a comic before or this is the first they have read in many years and what they thought about the experience.
    I would do a ‘if you like B&M, you’ll also like…..’ but I can’t think of anything remotely similar. Perhaps Harker by Gibson & Danks at a push?

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