Is This London’s Narrowest Street?



I always thought that Bridges Place, just off St Martin’s Lane, was the narrowest street in London, as my shoulders touch both walls as I walk through it, but in Emerald Court, near the back of Red Lion Square, I failed the shoulders test and had to turn sideways to pass. Does anyone know of a narrower street in London?

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  1. Dan Terrell says:

    Emerald Court? I’d say Pressing Passage would be more accurate. Eye of Needle Way?
    Anyone ever get stuck in it and have to be lubed out? Or get in and freak out?
    And why have such a tight, but in use, passage at all? Has it ever been in a film?
    I know of no narrower cut through here in the States; probably it would be closed up anyway.

  2. keith page says:

    The aptly named Squeezegut Alley in Whitstable, Kent is as bad if not worse

  3. jan says:

    Uuu’m i’m sure there was a tiny narrow little street in Victoria when you leave the station behind you and head off toward the river and that leisure centre where the swim pool is the street was arched over at its entrance and then open to the elements. But i think it dissapeared in some bulding blitz not long b4 i left London i am back next week if theres time i’ll waddle over for a quick look. Also i have a contentender for shallowest not narrowest house that i have n’t got a photo of yet if i can i will get over there

  4. Marc says:

    It is so small, it doesn’t appear to be included in my Collins Greater London Street Atlas, which I had always considered to be the best of the London street maps!

    A field trip is in order…

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