Proof That The End Of The World Is Nigh



1. Vested interests successfully persuade public that global warming doesn’t exist. (Nature)

2. Lightning hits Vatican after Pope resigns for first time in 600 years. (Religion)

3. SARS-like virus jumps between humans for first time. (Pestilence)

4. Mona Lisa in Louvre proven not to be original. (Art)

5. Andrew Lloyd-Weber planning new show. (Taste)

6. Consumers lose faith in supermarkets after endless food scandals. (Health)

7. Lady Gaga left unable to walk after too many fashionable shoe choices. (Intelligence)

8.North Korea detonates nuclear bomb, incurring wrath of China and US. (War)

9. Apple runs out of ideas. (Science)

10. US produces ‘Dumbest Show Of All Time’ – ‘Zero Hour’. (Entertainment)

NB All of the above appear to be true. Politics didn’t make the list because politicians always make you think that the end of the world might be a good thing.

6 comments on “Proof That The End Of The World Is Nigh”

  1. Dan Terrell says:

    Big two thumbs up (*) on this list! Really good.
    In “Even Cowgirls Get the Blues” it was only one big thumb up for hitchhiking. Great American book.
    Might add an 11th – American President talks weapons control and every 1,000th person – it seems – has to use theirs; women appear to rush out to take firearms instruction. At least the newspapers are now daily reporting the national totals per day. Shaaa….
    Admin, I’ll give you an all clear for travel, if there ever is one.

  2. Pheeny says:

    What about cats and dogs living together ? I am sure youtube has numerous examples

  3. Griffin says:

    More and more I think it would be a good thing for the planet if a substantial proportion of the human race perished. Unfortunately, the ones who deserve to perish are those most likely to survive. Anyway, it’s not the end of the world, it’s the end of homo sapiens, well-attested parasite.

  4. Ken Murray says:

    I saw an interesting piece in the paper today regarding the pope’resignation. According to the article (Telegraph group) a major influence on his decision to resign was his shock over the “Vatileaks” scandal. Quote: “He is said to have asked how evil could have entered the papal apartments. He was betrayed by a man who sat at his own table, who ate with him several times a week.” Obviously not heard the story of Judas then?

  5. pietro rossi says:

    Of course Mona Lisa is fake. A Tom Baker Dr Who story said so.

  6. Ian allan says:

    Griffins comments remind me of the Golgafrinchans from Hitch hikers guide by D Adams

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