A Few More Moments From Iceland


So, here we have geysers and waterfalls and the astonishingly vast Gullfoss, which looks like the opening scene of ‘Prometheus’ (which was filmed in Iceland), our guide scaling a crevasse in an attempt to retrieve my mobile, the Blue Lagoon spa and a shop window (couldn’t go there without taking a shot of one of those) of, yes, puffins. Soft and fluffy and good to eat. Mysteriously, puffins don’t live on Iceland itself but are on a separate island, probably huddled together in terror of being eaten or made into throws.

While we were out in the wild we had several phonecalls, and after explaining where we were, callers said ‘What on earth would make you want to shop there?’ (For overseas readers, ‘Iceland’ is a Pikey supermarket.)
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  1. Helen Martin says:

    If you go to Newfoundland there is a puffin colony on an island just off. I wonder if they are super cautious and want a warning of invaders. There’s a type of puffin on Vancouver Island and it is on the main island, not an off one. Perhaps we have more silly puffins. I read that those gorgeous bills are only like that during mating season. Don’t know if it’s true.

  2. Dan Terrell says:

    Terrific views and experience. Thanks.
    Maybe now I know where the terms “puffery” and “puff piece” come from in journalism. They’re puffy like a puffin.

  3. Alan Morgan says:

    Ah, the obligatory bit in every modern slasher pic where it has to be explained why people don’t just phone for help. First it slips, then it slides, then it vanishes into the cravasse.

    Cut to POV shot of puffins creeping closer. The writer vanishes. His phone later discovered, the only clue a shot on the screen of a Puffin classic.

  4. Dan Terrell says:

    Alan, that’s good. I can also picture a puffin leaning over the mobile until one black eye fills the entire screen. It blinks. And then the words appear: To Be Continued.

  5. Jon R says:

    I like the way you say “For overseas readers, ‘Iceland’ is a Pikey supermarket”, as if overseas readers will know what “Pikey” means. Nice pictures though 😉

  6. Admin says:

    Jon, I didn’t want to use the word Chav, which is apparently now demonized, but I refuse to surrender ‘Pikey’.

  7. Ford says:

    Pikey? – Admin …. you bleddy townie!!!! 🙂

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