What Have We Learned In Iceland So Far?


Okay, the schedule for Iceland is hot springs, lagoon bathing, glacier hiking, the avoidance of puffin and ‘rotten shark’ (which if tinned has to be opened underwater because of the smell), a gig held in a swimming pool and a quick trek North.

We hit the road in a Jeep and headed out to waterfalls, geysers and glaciers that are as alien as anything I am able to imagine.

So far I have seen several bars filled with the most beautiful girls on the planet. Another plus: great conversations with strangers, sort of the opposite of LA. Everyone has opinions about society, literature, politics – like a big university town.

One problem – faulty connectivity means I can’t post a full report until Monday – so no updates, or pictures until then.

Off to the White Nights Festival now…hold the fort Dan and Helen!

4 comments on “What Have We Learned In Iceland So Far?”

  1. Helen Martin says:

    That’s a huge responsibility, even with Dan’s help. Have a wonderful time.

  2. Dan Terrell says:

    “Pisst, Helen. I think he heard us season ticket holders down here in the front rows whispering during the stage wait. But hold the fort for Admin? Too huge a responsibility, I agree.”
    Looks about, lowers voice. “That guild you once mentioned belonging to? It wasn’t Ye Bloggers Guild was it? I was afraid not. And I’m still a journeyman keyboardist.” Leans forward. “What? Now, that’s a great idea.” Leans down to tear open a heavy box. “Here’s two dozen copies of The Casebook… You take the right aisle;I’ll take the left. See if we can’t move a nice lot before the theatre lights dim, the curtain goes up, and Professor Challenger walks out with a ‘Terrydapterable’ under one arm, a can of ages shark snacks under the other, and makes his report on The Lost World. With pictures, I hope.”
    I finshed the first “comic” last night. It’s really good.
    Worth the wait, of course, and international shipping. The original story transferred so well, the artwork with its many details is wonderful, and all the extra textual features… Two thumbs up. Come on The Deptford Demon.”

  3. John Howard says:

    I think we can be happy that admin knows who to look to to keep the chat rolling. The rest of us would just creep along slowly and the blog would slowly grind to a halt….

    Question – Why haven’t PS publishing delivered my copy of The Casebook……????? I live in the UK for goodness sake. Dan you will be so happy that you have got a copy of something before a UK resident i’m sure. I feel an email coming on.

  4. Dan Terrell says:

    No, John, ‘I feel really your pain. Yup, really do.’ Actually, PS pub was fast, BUT that was the second order I had to place. The first was not with them – tried to avoid the crossing-the-Pond postage – went to a comic supply house in New York City – way last fall. They haven’t shipped, haven’t got my order on file, and have my @#$ money! So… let the emails begin; undoubtedly a few followup phone calls as well. Think the postal service nicked you copy? If, however, a second copy does finally arrive at my place, John, it is already due to be transhipped to another party. I am sorry.
    Now, I see the curtain has gone up, the spotlight is back on, and that must mean the Professor is back!
    (Anything of yours available in the U.S.?)

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