The Casebook of Bryant & May Opens!

Bryant and May

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It’s arrived – the stunningly illustrated guide to all things Bryant & May is finally here, and was well worth the wait. I haven’t been this excited since they cancelled my operation. Cult artist Keith Page and PS Publishing have done the old boys proud with beautiful full-colour glossy repro, and there’s an edition with an illustrated slipcase available as well. In addition to containing two adventures, there’s a sketch gallery, a guide to Bryant’s bookshelves and a full set of alternative covers to the novels included.

‘The Casebook of Bryant & May Volume 1’ is all anyone needs to be able to read the novels out of sequence, but there are also plenty of knowing references for older fans. It’s a larger format than I expected, like a taller Beano Annual, and if this one manages to sell in our depressed economic climate then Keith and I will definitely work together on another one.

There will a launch/signing at Forbidden Planet just as soon as we can organise it. There will also be a competition on this site to win some of Keith Page’s beautiful original watercolour artwork from the book! You can order the regular hardback edition of  ‘The Casebook of Bryant & May here for £19.99, or there’s the sturdy slipcased collectors’ version for another fiver.

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34 comments on “The Casebook of Bryant & May Opens!”

  1. Peter says:

    Hello Christopher, congratulations! Judging from the pictures on your blog, it looks great! I am really looking forward to this one! Hopefully, my copy will arrive soon.
    Best wishes,

  2. Mike Cane says:

    Oh you know what I’m going to say. eBook version! *whine* (BTW, these days, with tablets, it can be a PDF.)

    Also: Congratulations! Bryant & May go from strength to strength!

  3. Mike Cane says:

    Hang on. What’s up with the text being backward on the cover in the top photo?

  4. keith page says:

    I’m hoping that’s some sort of reverse-flip of the photo [ I haven’t seen my copy yet]

  5. Dan Terrell says:

    Now only the Pond crossing, U.S. customs, the trucking across to the distributor, the repacking, and the entire postal service thing. It will be nice to receive my October-ordered copy in the warmth of Spring when I can read it sitting outside in the sun with a beer or some wine and every so often toss a few peanuts to the squirrels in the yard.

  6. admin says:

    Re: Reverse-flip – erm, it’s science. Also called the Photo Booth app, or Mirror.

  7. keith page says:

    Thank goodness for that !

  8. John says:

    I can always tell who uses a Mac when I see those “mirror shots” courtesy of PhotoBooth.

    Coincidentally, I just visited the PS Publishing website earlier today to find out what was going on with this book. I ordered mine back in November. The page for the book mentions it’s at the printers. I guess it’s back from the printers if you are holding a copy. Eagerly awating my copy in the mail. But I’ll probably not get it until the middle of February.

  9. admin says:

    Their site’s not up to date. It’s available now.

  10. Helen Martin says:

    Come on you guys, just cheer for the fact it has actually happened – you don’t celebrate with a glass of whine. Three cheers, Chris.

  11. Harriet connides says:

    Signed copy ordered! Oh, Joyous day, I burbled…

  12. Paul says:

    Looking forward to getting mine. Looks outstanding.

  13. John Howard says:

    Al la Dan, eagerly awaiting my December placed order. Looking good Admin. Do have fun and sunshine in St Lucia (Jealous moi??)

  14. Wayne says:

    Mine arrived today, LUSH….. Really nice book Well pleased. Got to find time to look proper at it so signing off now…….

  15. Dan Terrell says:

    Admin’s in St. Lucia and Wayne has his copy of the Casebook! I’m so happy for them, I think I’ll get out the snow shovels, wax them up, and wait for the big fall on the weekend. Simply wonderful.

  16. Wayne says:

    Yes Dan, I am doing the same thing getting ready for the big fall, so far we have missed the worst of it. We have no snow about town at all and have so for the last three days, go just out of town though and its a different story so I am told.

    Got right through it in one sitting, Its rather nice. Somehow though no one looks how I imagined them to….. Then I went out and got everything ready for the big snow fall forecast…..Its not all fun you know.

  17. John Howard says:

    Well Dan, I hope that you managed the waxing of the shovels…. At least we do something sensible over here. If, when we look out of the window first thing in the morning, it has snowed overnight, then we clap our hands to our faces, cry faintly, OMG, and collapse back into bed with a cup of tea and whatever CF book comes to hand. Have fun

  18. Trevor Allen says:

    It looks great! I will get a copy at the Planet launch. I hope its the first of many

  19. Dan Terrell says:

    It gets better, John. I use sled/snowboard wax and that wax is called Sex Wax. Really. It makes the thought of shoveling somewhat more pleasing.
    But unfortunately I live at the far end of a “pipestem”, or a community driveway for seven houses with only one entrance/exit, so the state and county don’t remove the snow as a pipestem is private property. This means we the residents must first shovel out our driveways, and then join together to clean out the pipestem itself which is longish and gets longer as the day goes on. And then we have to slip and slide out of the community until we reach a county road, becasue community streets are the last to be cleared. (State and interstate, county primary and then seconday, then the rest of the county paving (for example into post offices) and then the community roads which can be two/three days after a serious snowfall. TMI, I think, but for Londoners the above might buck you up.

  20. Helen Martin says:

    I am definitely going to have to look into the local wax situation. Snowboard wax should be readily available (home of Ross Rebagliatti, you know) and it would certainly improve the thoughts. As for the road, Dan, just think of all the exercise and the catching up with neighbours you get. Either that or just shut down the neighbourhood for the duration.

  21. Helen Martin says:

    I don’t doubt the veracity of admin’s response there, but take note of it as the trickiest way to deal with possible errors.

  22. admin says:

    Hi Helen, I have now dealt with Mr Pay’s comment as he was correct – there’s a small section of transposed type in the sketch gallery. It’ll be sorted.

  23. Griffin says:

    Enjoyed it! Savoured with a nice glass of Glenmorangie.Well worth waiting for, thanks. My animator stepson read it and enjoyed it – reasonable for a guy who thinks Transformers are brilliant films (mmm not sure that’s a compliment, sorry). Spotted the transposed text and claim my £5 for spelling of Piccadilly.
    Look forward to the next one!

  24. David Chapman says:

    Hello from a very wet Brisbane. a wet Brisbane that was a steaming hot 40 degeees only a few days ago.
    Looking forward to receiving my copy of “The Bryant and May Casebook”. I placed an order this morning (Australia). To misquote Stan Lee from the movie Mallrats “if you keep writing them, I’ll keep reading them”.
    I was recently in London for a combination of work and leisure, and spent a few hours of my leisure time undertaking a careful pub-crawl to the Bryant and May pubs. My shoe leather and Oyster card received a fair old work out. It would prove a good tour for eager Blue Badge guides out there.
    Keep up the excellent work, Christopher, as you have many devoted readers here in the antipodes.

  25. Mark Pack says:

    Just been reading my copy and loved it. Hope it’s the first of many.

    My copy had the wrong text on p.71 next to Janice Lonbright unfortunately. Are you able to share what it should have said about her?

  26. Admin says:

    I’m away Mark but I think you’ll find the para transposed on the same page. The text left my desk correct, but arrived at the printers switched. Luckily it’s only in the non-comic ancillary page but I’m still upset, and it will be put right. One thing I plan to do is get the publisher to add an erratum slip which we will make available at the launch.

  27. Gillian Potter-Merrigan says:

    Hi Chris, Mine has just arrived. It’s lovely. I am going to read this very slowly……

  28. keith page says:

    I’m still waiting to see a copy!

  29. FabienneT says:

    Ordered! Please do let us know about the Forbidden Planet launch, will try and make it! By the way, finished The Invisible Code a few weeks ago and thought it was one of the best B&M!

  30. Reuben says:

    I’m still waiting for my copy. Looking at my order on the PS website it still says ‘back ordered’. I’m guessing here that as I ordered a signed copy they still need to be signed?

  31. Gav beadle says:

    Tried to order but says listed price 40 pounds!

  32. Andrea Yang says:

    My copy turned up today! Improved my Monday enormously!

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