America, Please Could We Have Your President?

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Yes, he inherited an avenging militaristic legacy, but from his second inaugural speech Barack Obama had us at hello. Meanwhile, we’re stuck with David ‘Balloon Animal’ Cameron and his unwilling cohorts. Just weight it up.

Obama – Has reiterated themes of equality and fairness.

Cameron – has widened the gap between haves and have-nots to a level unknown even in Victorian times.

Obama – Has made commitments to improved welfare system.

Cameron – Is seeking to destroy the NHS by stealth introduction of private companies.

Obama – Gay rights and an improved attitude to illegal immigrants show heart in right place.

Cameron – Well-meaning but ineffectual record on gay rights, dodgy ‘tude to immigration.

Obama – Directly confronted Conservative policies.

Cameron – Covertly extols Conservative policies.

Obama – Determined to address climate change.

Cameron – Planning big-time UK fracking for oil.

Obama – Cohesive liberal vision for future.

Cameron – ‘Big Society’ plan quietly dropped.

Obama – Determined to find jobs for millions of ordinary Americans.

Cameron – Determined to find jobs for all his Eton chums.

Obama – Conciliatory toward opponents.

Cameron – Makes fun of opponents.

Obama – Hot wife.

Cameron – Mrs Cameron.

Obama – Hated by Daily Mail.

Cameron – Hated by Daily Mail.

Obama – May be first president in history to leave effective long-term Democratic legacy.

Cameron – May be replaced by Boris Johnson.

15 comments on “America, Please Could We Have Your President?”

  1. Bob Low says:

    Anyone hated by the Daily Mail must be doing something right………

  2. Dan Terrell says:

    We have to keep him, Admin. But he is a good man, isn’t he?
    What pleased me four years ago was that we the majority elected the first black President and a particularly good man. What makes me even more pleased is that We have re-elected our first minority President. This affirms that the first election wasn’t a fluke and underlines our country’s long-stated “with liberty and justice for all.”
    My wife with help from moi worked so hard and so long to get him elected and then re-elected, it was a joy to see her joy this month. And as she says: “Look what we did. I came here as a European immigrant, and with what was a broad rainbow of volunteers, we got him elected twice. It makes me feel so good about my often troubled country.”
    May I tell another brief story?
    My wife attended many of his raillies in the area last year and as a very involved volunteer she usually got to stand in a desirable area. One time this past summer, she was standing on the ground right at the edge of the outdoor stage. When the President finished his address he came to the edge of the stage,leaned down and shook hands. When he reached my wife, he took both her hands, gripped, and was then ready to move along, except she said: “Mr. President, please promise you will also look after yourself. You look so tired and so slender.” Mr. Obama paused, looked right down at her and said: “That’s what Michelle keeps saying.” His big smile. “I promise, I’m trying. Thank you.” And he squeezed her hands before moving along. Wow.
    And what an inaugural speech, if only he can get a good part of it through and the rest at least solidly started. Global warming, gay and equal rights, and a reference – obliquely to guns control –
    I’m sorry, Admin, you can’t have this President. But I just received three older paperbacks of your short stories. Does that count?

  3. Alan G says:

    Dan – that’s a lovely story. I am involved in a pilot scheme (one of seven in England) which is supposed to be working on new ways to use taxpayers money. Community led rather than Council diktat.

    Or – I should say – I was involved. It was a great and exciting opportunity and we could have done great things with it – but unfortunately it has become “the new boss, same as the old boss”.

    I am still involved – but clearly and publicly my aim is to shut them down. Harsh, I know, but I am an elected official and my job is to conserve taxpayers money. Not to stand by and see it wasted.

    I hate to say it about any politician but Obama seems a good guy and it speaks well for the USA that he’s still in charge.

    Wish I could say the same for the pathetic excuses we have here.

  4. AndreaYang says:

    Sorry, you can’t have him or his lovely wife for at least 4 years, it is such a relief to have a President that I can respect again. It has been so nice to stop pretending to be Canadian when I travel.

  5. Dan Terrell says:

    Andrea – You are so right. I forgot to mention the First Lady in my above. She is one impressive person and seems to just get better. And I the bangs are cool. Did you hear they had an after party in the White House with close friends, relatives and some of the entertainers? Look it up: Katy Perry, Will I M (sp?), etc. Someone tweeted at 3:15 AM: “OMG this is so fabulous. I just saw the President getting down.”
    All that and the man boggies down, too.

  6. Ken Murray says:

    Has anyone else noticed that everything is now run on the ‘business model’? Our current conservative PM here in NZ (John Key) is a close friend of Cameron. So much so that their new-speak utterances are regularly identical as are their policies. Strangely though Key is apparently a huge Obama fan and even has a home in Hawaii which he regularly visits. The notion that this might be a but out of keeping as the minister of NZ tourism is completely lost on him…

  7. andrea yang says:

    Dan- i enjoyed your story of your wife’s meeting with the President. Wonder what Obama will do in 4 years he will be so young when he leaves office?

  8. Helen Martin says:

    Andrea – companies will be lining up ten deep to get him on their boards. It will be interesting to see what he does.
    Our Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper is so determined to cut costs that he doesn’t even worry about what is happening to the country. Pull yourself up, get a job, don’t whine seems to be all he can come up with. As for our provincial government which is definitely conservative although currently calling itself Liberal, well, they can’t offer the film industry anything more but they have a couple of million to stage a brand new Bollywood awards show. (They tried to attract the regular Bollywood awards but the organizers turned them down.)

  9. glasgow1975 says:

    some of the posts I see on Facebook are downright scary from anti-Obamaists(?) but I was so pleased when he was re-elected
    as for Cameron, does he seriously think he’s going to still be in power to enforce his promised European referendum?
    on a side note, is it just me or have the pictures skewed the text of the last few posts?

  10. Bob Low says:

    Glasgow1975-I can’t make up my mind whether there have always been so many howlingly mad people in the world, or whether the internet has just given them a platform, and a chance to ”come out”, and interact with those of a similair affliction. Many of the comments about Obama to which you are referring are clearly not the work of people who are currently enjoying good mental health.

  11. Dan Terrell says:

    Bob – You are so right. Some blogs and blog comments are so nasty and the discussions on others can so quickly descend into “stupid” and vicious exchanges. Reading around them can be very tiring and they just suddenly appear.
    A real example: “You are obviously a xxxxxxx Commie-Nazi!” “And you are a xxxxhxxd Repub butthead.” What? Particularly the Commie-Nazi thrust. Someone is obviously too young to remember his/her European history. And this was comment exchange in a newspaper; not the NYT.
    Such stuff is like having to step around cow pies in an otherwise fine meadow on an otherwise beautiful day. “Eyes to the ground folks. It’s Twilight time.”

  12. Helen Martin says:

    Lovely song quote there, Dan. I cannot remember such viciousness with regard to any other leader and certainly not any other US president. The only new element is the obvious. I wonder how these people would react to the very great possibility of a lesbian premier in Ontario. The voting is going on as I type. People like that probably wouldn’t know that Ontario is one of the larger and oldest provinces in Canada.

  13. Bob Low says:

    Dan-eyes to the ground, indeed.

  14. Dan Terrell says:

    Thank you, Helen. In addition to the very nice song (“Heavenly shades of night are falling, It’s…) I was also making reference to our Admin’s dance with the fans of she who-must-not-be-mentioned in a harsh way (although maybe she did herself in by that one-night away. Can I get a two-for, please?

  15. Helen Martin says:

    Ahhh – update: MS Wynn is the new premier of Ontario and the runner-up was also a woman, but not a lesbian. Ontario liberals went for the whole meal deal.

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