Britain – Land Of Millionaires



With house prices already exceeding £1 million in quite a few London neighbourhoods, being a millionaire isn’t what it used to be. New analysis shows that millionaire status is now likely for all average earners starting work at age 18. A UK worker can now expect to have earned £1 million by the time they reach the age of 56 years, six months and two weeks, so long as they earn the average income for their age bracket their whole life.

But due to the disparity between men and women, women won’t reach the milestone until 22 years later. The average woman will be aged 72 years, four months and three weeks when she can expect to reach the magic million.

Of course this million earned before tax over a working life of 32 years-plus means the average worker will also have paid £137,101 in income tax and £84,129 in national insurance, something you might want to remember before deciding not to complain to the council about their erratic rubbish collection.

If there are so many millionaires and the councils are all facing further cutbacks, where does all the money go? Best not to ask that one, you’ll only get upset. Ask Starbucks and Google. And you might want to contain your excitement before discussing your new status with your office cleaner.

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  1. Dan Terrell says:

    “Hey, Sisyphus, here’s a comforting thought. The longer you work the richer you become. How about that? Great, huh? Whoa! Watch the back foot there, sandal’s a bit loose. Hell, the way you work, you’ll have to get to the top one day. Whoops, now you’ve broken a strap on that sandal. Think positive, bro. There’s a great view the Mediterranian from up here. You’re not gaining weight, getting lots of vitamin d, and just think you’re not pickin’ through trash outside of Manila.”
    Sorry the coffee was extra good today. I shall tiptoe away now.

  2. Helen Martin says:

    No need to apologize, Dan. I do those weird little bits without the stimulation of anything other than my twisted little mind.
    I used to laugh at the fact that when I was substitute teaching and therefore being paid on a per diem basis we were assured that our pay allowed for an amount to pay for extra medical & put into savings instead of having pension benefits. If you actually sat down and deducted those amounts you’d realize that you were expected to sleep on the street (or in the school’s doorway?) and pick through the grocery store discards.
    What will actually happen is that all currencies will be devalued and we’ll start all over again.

  3. andrea yang says:

    You could always emigrate the cost of living is much cheaper in Texas and your life will seem to go on and on and on here. Added attractions are the fire-ants, hurricanes, Evangelical book-banners and a few ex-Presidents.

  4. Helen Martin says:

    Andrea, I thought they got the fire ants stopped. When I first read your post I thought about publisher’s shows with banners advertising recent titles, then I read it again and felt a little depressed.

  5. andrea yang says:


    The Fire Ants are here to stay, there is a huge mound in my front yard. The people trying to ban books at the local library are nearly as persistent. Sorry to have made you depressed.

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