Something Bohemian For The Weekend

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Today I’m on my way to Bohemia, or the Czech Republic as it’s now called, to Prague for the Christmas market.

Prague is the sixth most visited city in Europe, with its old town protected as a World Heritage site, and has ten major museums, as well as a massive number of art galleries, theatres, and most notably, hot chocolate cafes full of surly waiters.

I thought it would be nice to pick up the Christmas tree ornaments either there or in Salzburg (home of the ‘Sound of Music’ tour – you know you secretly want to) but as much as I love Salzburg I thought it would be better to stand on the Charles Bridge and watch the fur-hatted soldiers marching about in their grey greatcoats for that (admittedly militaristic) Christmassy feeling.

The curse of European city weekend breaks is Sunday Deadtime, the hours between when you check out of your hotel and when the flight leaves. If you’re anywhere rural and religious you’re stuffed – I really can’t recommend Poland in winter between 3pm and 7pm – but I’ll report back on what I find on this occasion, hopefully another bunch of scary shop windows, which tell you more about a country than any church. And I’ll try not to post any pictures of the astronomical clock, although the damned thing is unavoidable.

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  1. Dan Terrell says:

    I am envious. Wife was there many years back on business and loved Prague, but said driving through the hinterlands from Germany was really hinterish with zip German and bigger Zip on English. That’s probably changed some. It’s on my Ship Self to See list. Good weekend.

  2. Helen Martin says:

    You should feel right at home with the bridges and all. Are pubs not available? That should fill the time nicely if there are any. Have a good time anyway.

  3. glasgow1975 says:

    Try a Catholic country on Sunday & where Monday is also ‘Museums Closed’ day 🙁 then you leave on Tuesday. I managed to squeeze in The Guggenheim Bilbao but not much else . . .

  4. Helen Martin says:

    Surely pubs aren’t closed on Sunday. Even a half day opening would help.

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