In With The Old! Bryant & May Are Back With A Vengeance!

Bryant and May

I’m very excited (and a bit hungover) today after celebrating the news that Bryant & May are set to return in the UK with two new novels, ‘Bryant & May and the Bleeding Heart’ and ‘Bryant & Man and the Burning Man’ – so with the US getting back on schedule and the UK too, we’ll all be in synch again (although I have a feeling the UK will continue to publish first).

Along with the graphic novel ‘The Casebook of Bryant & May’ arriving in January, it looks like a bumper time for the old fellas. It’s just a pity TV companies have yet to commit to the series on account of competition from something called ‘New Tricks’, which I have never watched.

The new books will, I hope, raise the bar for the matchless duo, and I for one can’t wait to get started.

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  1. stackmonster says:

    Really looking forward to the graphic novel. Shame I can’t wrangle it out of someone for Christmas.
    The fact that something as punishingly tame as New Tricks is keeping Bryant and May off the telly is maddening.

  2. Dan Terrell says:

    You can’t wait for you to get started? Ha! If we readers were storks, we’d all have one very tired leg, up to the knee in cold water, looking for the next B&M to grab. I’m sure two books per year might go down well, but the blog might suffer or not.
    That isn’t, per chance, Admin in the background up there?

  3. Stephen Groves says:

    Hi Chris,
    Even more bloody book shelves!

    Anyway well done!

    all best

  4. Vickie says:

    Ah, grand that your own country got on the B&M bandwagon.

    and, yes, sigh: “Even more bloody bookshelves!”

  5. keith page says:

    I noticed an ideal actor the other day who unfortunately won’t be playing John May; David Warner

  6. Alison says:

    Keith – yes I like that idea. He’s ‘grown into’ Mr May. Good call. But who would be his Bryant? I know we talk about this every time the TV is mentioned, but I reckon it’s always worth wheeling out again.

  7. snowy says:

    David Jason might make an interesting pairing with David Warner. He played a lot of older parts in the past, ‘Blanco Webb’ in ‘Porridge’ for example. If you can imagine the scarf and hat.

  8. J. Folgard says:

    It’s been a long day, but wonderfuls news -thanks for this!

  9. J. Folgard says:

    *wonderful -ah crap, can’t even spell properly now!

  10. John Howard says:

    New Tricks is cold cases, B & M are new cases, yes I realise that the fact that they are old geezers as well but shame on the commissioners for being so tunnel visioned. New Tricks, whilst good in its own way, is not in the same league as the world the boys inhabit and definitely feels as though its coming towards the end of its shelf life. Warner & Jason I like. How about Michael Gambon, Albert Finney, Jeremy Irons to name a few other possibles.

    Ditto bloody bookshelves but with smiles.

  11. Dan Terrell says:

    I’m sliping books on top of shelved books and that works for a while. The wife has a rule about books on the bed, which makes sense, but dangers up the floor.

  12. Alan Morgan says:

    Top news!

    The lad in the middle has got very scary eyes.

  13. Mike Cane says:

    The thing about Bryant & May — which you haven’t taken advantage of lately — is that it’s meant to be a series that hops all around their lives, in different eras. So it’s not New Tricks, despite what the telly people spout.

    Sitting here still waiting for them to meet Alan Turing… HARUMPH.

  14. Helen Martin says:

    New Tricks has maybe one more season to go. I can hardly remember characters names so the actors are usually beyond me – the Jack Halpern character was my favourite and bringing the boss downstairs to utter what would have been his lines doesn’t really work. Bryant and May would be an ideal change, especially with the bits of weirdness (bits?) that Bryant brings to it. Bryant is the difficult one to cast because he’s beyond everything in age, rumpled clothes, disreputable car, and dangerous pipe. Last of the Summer Wine characters, if you remember that one. Well, we’ve got two more books coming without having to pelt publishers with old fuzzy candy so perhaps threatening same for tv producers would have an effect.

  15. J F Norris says:

    Can we now call you a sketchy dude? Nice portrait, but the missing pupils *are* a bit eerie. And fab news about the PCU duo.

  16. neil b says:

    You would dislike New Tricks for the same reasons you dislike The Mousetrap…a complete waste of air time, apart from James Bolam. It’s shocking that’s being used as an excuse and thank goodness you haven’t seen it otherwise I think you would be officially the first man to have laid an egg.

  17. Wayne says:

    Well you know what I thought when New Tricks was first shown, Yes, They have ripped off another Idea from Mr Fowler. Whilst I enjoy the programe I have to say its Nothing like B&M other than the investigating team are ‘OLD’. I agree with Helen and have to say the new dynamic since Jack left the team just doesn’t work. Replace this serial with a cool BBC Drama taken directly from the B&M books…..

  18. Peter says:

    That’s great news, Christopher! I am really happy happy that the two elderly detectives will be around for some time to come! I look forward to the two new books and the graphic novel. Best wishes, Peter

  19. John Howard says:

    Yay Helen, packets of fuzzy sweets are a the ready here. Anyone else up for it?

  20. Dan Terrell says:

    If you, John, and Helen, are going you may count me in, but the TV show has to run in the States, too. I’ve had it up to here with “will only play in zone xxxx.”
    I’ve been carrying a coat pocketful of half-eaten Bengali orange toffy with curry sprinkles sweets for close to a year now, just in case. They are always tasty, but now are beyond fuzzy. I’m sure we can take out a stout glass double door with an accurate pitch. Let me know when – preferably during the off-season, airfare and all.

  21. snowy says:

    Dan, now that national turkey frying day is over, ease your region locked woes by dropping heavy hints to the ‘ruler of the home’ that you might like an all-region* DVD player from Santa this year.

    [I am aware that it is forbidden to sell such a product in the US, but thankfully the comprehensive instructions usually included with each product allows the owner to remedy this defect in a trice. A swift search for the phrase indicated * will point the way].

    If frustrated in your ability to see online content, then there are a number of solutions. One I won’t name directly, but will give clues.
    Former partner (2)
    A small amount of butter or a cow’s deposit (3)
    Protect from danger (6)

    The first letters are E, P and S. 🙂

    If we are still doing fantasy casting Ken Cranham might make an interesting Bryant, he’s the farmer in ‘Hot Fuzz’ if the name rings no bells.

  22. John Howard says:

    Like that one snowy. A possible duo – Jeremy Irons & Ken Cranham?

    Dan / Helen – I think all we are waiting on is admin’s call….I have a nice selection of Foxes Glacier Mints mixed with a few FG Fruits. Nicely brick shaped they have the requisite sharp corners.

  23. John Howard says:

    Also snowy, I googled your little solution above and have sent the details to my brother in Australia. Thanks for that.

  24. Fi says:

    Can’t wait, as for the televisation, I just hope it’s a quality production and manages to get the casting right and language/empathy across. I can imagine TV location scouts having a field day with the series. Look what happened to the plot and characters in Dirk Gently, my opinions are completely divided on that one.

  25. Chris Lancaster says:

    Great news about B&M (although it is disappointing that the graphic novel won’t be here until after Christmas). Long may the duo continue.

    Regarding the Dirk Gently BBC adaptation, I greatly enjoyed it, but thought that it suffered from appearing so shortly after the wonderful Sherlock. The two were in many ways very similar, and Gently seemed rather a lot like Sherlock-lite (as Stephen Mangan seemed rather a lot like Benedict Cumbernatch-lite). Well worth a few hours of anyone’s time, though.

  26. Helen Martin says:

    Trip definitely in the off season. Meet in pub (name to be decided and circulated secretly to confirmed attenders), form solid phalanx, sweets to the fore, march to specified (by Chris) studio, continue to programming approval office, enter leaving rearguard to fend off security with assorted mints (Fox is good choice), and pelt officer with continuous stream of candies softened by long term residence in fuzz filled pockets. Leave hand lettered ultimatum notice on desk. Retreat in good order to nearest pub carrying officer in centre of phalanx. Feed officer with beer and crisps until he yields and signs programming order. How’s that?

  27. Dan Terrell says:

    Helen: When did you muster out? It sounds excellent. I have plenty of aging Halloween candy in a plastic sack in the pantry. I think it will pass through boarding inspection. May I suggest Operation Sweet Tooth, Sugar High, or ?

  28. Helen Martin says:

    Operation Sugar High it is. No mustering out involved, just regular organization of primary school activities.

  29. John Howard says:

    Oh yes… The plans of someone used to herding many child like creatures definitely fit in here. I suspect that most of the bloggers have that part of their brain still engaged.

    When you nominate a time Helen, count me in.

  30. Alan Morgan says:

    Spiffing news!

    Rather worried about what I started with the whole sweetie idea a wee while back now… ;0)

  31. John Howard says:

    Well Alan, you just can’t keep a good idea in the shadows…

  32. Susan Lane says:

    Such a pity that TV Prodcution companies really canty see Bryant and May as the utter gem that is truely is. I so picture Bill Nighy as John May…he would be a perfect choice. Really can’t get enough of tales of these two chaps.Next year feels like a lifetime to wait for new stories. Still, “if its worth waiting for “…

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