What Did The Monarchy Ever Do For Us?

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Ever get into an argument with an anti-Royalist student ranting about how much the royal family costs the British taxpayer? I think for a while I was one of those annoying kids, but was won over by a variety of factors. Here’s something to think about, from the ever-reliable CGP Grey.

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  1. Dan Terrell says:

    Well, that was certainly interesting. Quite well done. I signed up for more’
    For those you want to know how Breaking Dawn II is being reviewed, plus a dusk-to-dawn resume of the prior movies, check out the MSN Movie review. The reviewer’s name I have forgotten, but I think of him as Mr. Snarky (sounds like an old novel, doesn’t he?)
    “…not striving to be upmarket” and viewer’s not in the fan club will see the ending “with some form of disbelief.”
    Using King George’s internal-rating scale, as mentioned in the vid above, 1 1/2 Purple Poos for the the final feature. But is it? These walks-by-night cash cows tend to come back on us. Quick a Purple pill for everyone.
    You do have the new Purple pill in Britian, don’t you? (TMI warning!: The old purple pill was Jensen violet, which was a bitter dye, and it cleansed the gut of internal vampires.)

  2. Alan G says:

    Er.. will somebody call an ambulance for Dan. Strait-jacket mentioned in the call might be good.

  3. RikO'Neill says:

    Good stuff! Very convincing arguments. Now we need the opposite perspective – just for fun 🙂

  4. Dan Terrell says:

    Alan: Ah, so it’s the jacket that hinders my accuracy in typing and not my speed or soon to be replaced glasses.
    Re the rating system referred to that’s from the amazing medical fact contained in the excellent video. Re the current “purple pill’ that’s Nexium for curing heartburn, which you may not have available in G.B., but good for Twilight viewing. Re the other purple pill that’s a medication well known by former U.S. kids of a certain age starting – probably about around WWI and continuing in reduced use to this day. Tasted horrible my brother says and dyed whatever it touched, as well as the tongue (at least a fun side effect for most kids.) Perhaps, these medications are Deep American.

  5. Helen Martin says:

    I am assuming that this is the same gentleman who has a site about the United Kingdom on which, following the discussion I learned a confusing ton about the Duchy of Lancaster and that strange place, Cornwall. His little blurb up there about the American Electoral College was extremely well done. It’s taken me until just recently to understand how the electoral college works.

  6. Reuben says:

    The main thing I took away from that was the thought that “crumbs, when the Queen dies we’re going to have to replace all our currency and those ERII symbols from things- that won’t be cheap!”

  7. glasgow1975 says:

    I doubt we’d replace all the currency instantly, the notes (and stamps) would be replaced but the coins would simply be replaced as new ones were naturally needed, pre decimalisation coins weren’t rounded up & replaced every monarch, I remember George VI shillings still doing the rounds as 5ps until the tiny ones were brought in.

  8. glasgow1975 says:

    Plus post boxes would only get a CIII when a new one was put in, they don’t replace them either. I’m sure you all know the newest (post {no pun intended} 1952) post boxes up here in Scotland have the ER crest, NOT EIIR as she is Elizabeth, Queen of Scots – first of that name 🙂

  9. Helen Martin says:

    Right on, Glasgow.We have to make sure people remember the difference. Since Scotland hasn’t had a King Charles, except for the English ones, it’s clear sailing from him on. Just so long as Harry doesn’t have to be used as a fallback, since we’d be right back in it- King Henry IX and I.

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