‘Invisible Ink’ Becomes Visible Next Week

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My new non-fiction book, ‘Invisible Ink: How 100 Great Authors Disappeared’ goes on sale next week from Strange Attractor Press. Yes, it caught me by surprise too! Here’s some jacket blurb for you (can someone invent a better word than ‘blurb’? It’s so onomatopoeic).

There are a great many authors we grew up with whose books became touchstones in our lives. They were popular, influential and hugely successful, but they vanished from bookshelves, even in their own lifetimes. What happened to them?

Adopting false identities, switching genders, losing fortunes, descending into alcoholism, discovering new careers, the stories of the missing authors are often more surprising than any of the fictions they wrote.

But their books live on in our homes and our memories. They’re passed to our children, to our friends, to secondhand shops. And sometimes they surprise everyone by revealing their secrets…

These are the extraordinary stories of one hundred forgotten authors. Some chose their own fates, some were simply unlucky, but many should be remembered and revered by book lovers. Their work is still out there, and thanks to dedicated publishers, collectors, sellers and new technology, they can at last be rediscovered and enjoyed again.

Watch for (sudden) news of a launch!

6 comments on “‘Invisible Ink’ Becomes Visible Next Week”

  1. Mike Cane says:

    Sounds good. Congrats!

  2. Simon T. says:

    Tremendous, mr f…do love the IoS column.

  3. Mike Brough says:

    Amazon is showing the release date as 19th November. Reasonable?

  4. Dan Terrell says:

    Well, that is good news for Xmas stockings. Nice to hear.

  5. admin says:

    Yes indeed – 19th November it is, which caught me by surprise as we were still proofing it YESTERDAY!

  6. Karin says:

    will it be available in Canada? I already know someone I would like to give it to (besides myself)

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