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Meet Kristen Neel – she’s on the webs a bit this week for her strongly expressed hatred of Obama’s second term, and she’s living proof of why it’s never a good idea to pop yourself onto Twitter without having a brain cell in your head.

Kristen’s had enough and is getting out of Godless America to go to the Antipodes. She may be surprised to find out when she gets there that Australia is a liberal democratic commonwealth and doesn’t have a President but a Prime Minister, and that said PM is a fairly Centre-Left Labour Party female who’s pro-abortion. Try Uganda, luv.

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  1. John Howard says:

    Dan is probably more informed on this one, but in the run up to the election I was under the impression that for every Dan there was a Kristen.

    I’m not saying that we are any better just that the Good Ol US of A just makes a bit more of a fuss about it than we do. (Did you notice the lack of full stops there? – I’m just a wild and crazy guy I suppose).

  2. Dan Terrell says:

    John – The President may well have 52% (or 61+ million votes) when the “Blue” western states are all counted. Matt Romney will probably have 48%. That is a significate difference, but hardly requires moving away. The Obama local campaign headquarters near by looked like the rainbow, everybody seemed to be represented: all races, all religions, sexes and orientations and, yes, ,all ages. It was like a mini-U.N. (Which scares some people, along with black helicopters, ethnic foods, income taxes – that are still low in comparison to elsewhere, hair weaves, colorful clothing, and “bazaar”-looking places of worship.)
    Get a grip 48%: Times are a changing. Things may still look white out, but stay flexiable, keep your voices low and reasonable, participate and ski softly, you’re in avalance country now lower 48. (Another Deep A. reference, sorry.) And for heaven’s sake try all the new foods we can go out to eat or order in. Your kids are. Chance of inter-something marrages in the future great.

  3. Brian says:

    Reports of Ms Neel’s tweet usually omit the source of her “knowledge” of Australia. For several years now there has been a hoax email circulating amongst mostly right wing Americans which purports to be a statement by the Australian so-called President, John Howard. It is a rewrite of the Bary Loudermilk diatribe (see Snopes). It is mostly pro-Christian and anti-Muslim.

    Young people such as Ms Neel, who I think is reported as being only 15 years old, would read such items uncritically absorbing the content as truth. I feel a bit sorry for her as it has turned her life upside down. Deleting her Twitter account and going into hiding has not stopped the media chasing her relentlessly – probably the same media which carries holier than thou stories of online bullying.

  4. Cat Eldridge says:

    Amusingly many Conservatives here have also talked online about moving to either Canada or New Zealand as they believe both of those are free market conservative dominated countries.

    We are here in Maine voted for gay marriage, Obama, an non-aligned Senator, and two liberal Congressional members. Not bad at all.

  5. Helen Martin says:

    Not bad at all, Cat. Here in Canada you’d think we were a totally right of centre free enterprise place and that’s what we’ve had for government, but under that there is a tremendous amount of unrest, which the government may actually be starting to listen to (my glass is always half full) and we may be able to regain our left of centre, caring community, share the wealth attitude that is our God-given legacy. Except that the majority of our people would deny the source of that legacy.

  6. What really makes Neel’s comment so laughably misinformed is that Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is not only a woman, but a self-declared atheist.

  7. snowy says:

    There are times when words fail me, [no really!]

    At these times I fall back on others to speak for me.

    [Stay till the end for the all important coda.]

  8. Diogenes says:


    Actually, Neel is wrong on four accounts.

    1. We have a PM, not president.
    2. It’s a she, not a he.
    3. She’s an atheist, not a Christian.
    4. There is no way a wingnut like Neel would support anything Gillard says.

  9. Merlinprincess says:

    Unfortunately we have enough of our own Neel wingnuts already in Oz. We don’t even need to import them.. Just ask Pauline Hanson, she’d offer Neel a spare bed lol

  10. Alan G says:

    *grin* Thank you, Admin, I almost had to run to get to work on time after reading the above and googling poor Neel.

    Unfortunately this sort of baffling ignorance is not unusual. For my sins (cliches also rule) I work in certain aspects of Local Government.

  11. Dan Terrell says:

    Interestingly when I attempt to connect using Snowy’s insert, I get a message reading the uploader has not made this link available in your country. Second instance this of this happening. And the background on this is?

  12. glasgow1975 says:

    I didn’t know she was only 15, but that only makes it worse tbh, such ignorance for the world around her and intolerance for others, no doubt she’ll have her own show on Fox News shortly as the Voice of Youth America or some such . . .

  13. Helen Martin says:

    Dan – no problem with Snowy’s link here.

  14. Alan G says:

    Sorry Glasgow – “I didn’t know she was only fifteen”. Stoat the ba’ ?

    Heh heh

  15. Dan Terrell says:

    Still can’t link, so it must be a copyright issue.

  16. J. Folgard says:

    This post made me giggle. I shouldn’t have, right? Right..?

  17. snowy says:

    Dan as you correctly deduce it is a copyright issue. At the far end of the link is a quirky little video by an artist called ‘Thomas Dolby*’ for his song ‘Airhead’. The video sticks in the mind because it has absolutely zero relevence to the lyrics. [You don’t need the video to get the point, reading the lyrics would serve admirably.]

    Though I could have just as easily picked Zappa’s ‘Valley Girl’ so little having changed in the intervening years.

    [*Having finished his pop career, he went on to work with George Lucas on what is regarded as one of the worst films ever made. But hey a cheque’s a cheque and who needs credability. It didn’t do him any harm, and he went on to make a fortune with the technology behind poly-phonic ringtones.]

  18. Greg Armstrong says:

    We’re pretty right for bimbos here in OZ, with or without full stops.

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