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Amazingly, there are still a few London buildings that don’t house retail opportunities. The Guardian is featuring seventeen of London’s hidden interiors here – well, some aren’t all that hidden, but they’re certainly less well-known – and the challenge would be to visit them all, as the opening times of such places tend to be tricky to negotiate.

If I recall correctly, the power station interior was seen in ‘Monty Python’s Meaning Of Life’, and the operating theatre has featured in films, but who knew that Finsbury’s town hall was so grand? The guild halls are generally all rather elaborate, and many host Christmas events.

This year they’re staging ‘A Christmas Carol’ in the Inns of Court, which should be a gothic treat, and many carol services are held in the City of London’s astonishing churches. It’s worth regularly checking around the London sites to find the best upcoming events.

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  1. Dan Terrell says:

    Thank you, Chris. These pictures are wonderful. What a feast for a location director and what great visual material for creating settings for fiction. The set would make a great 18-month (or so) calendar.

  2. Helen Martin says:

    Did you notice the Canadian connection in the dance hall. There is a “sprung floor of Canadian maple”. Good to know we produce materials of value. There is a floor in downtown Vanacouver said to be the best for dancing and I hear all sorts of versions as to what makes the best foundation: seaweed, horsehair, and shredded car tires (or tyres). One thing I do know and that is that people who think you can dance on cement floors need their heads examined and those who think a 10’x10′ floor is sufficient as a dance floor likewise.

  3. Murray Mahon says:

    Hi Chris will go live soon with the full list of the Interiors. The book London Hidden Interiors, just available, has 1700 colour photographs of 180 places in 448pp – sorry about the stats, it’s actually a thing of wonder!

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