Ten Beautiful Things


1. Sunrise over St Paul’s Cathedral.

2. Irish girls.

3. The Grande Corniche on the Cote D’Azur.

4. American publishers.

5. Sausages, eggs and newspapers on Sunday mornings.

6. Manchester Art Gallery.

7. The bookshops of Connaught Place, Delhi.

8. The train from London to Paris.

9. A Shoreditch bar with a bunch of mates on a rainy night.

10. The proofs for ‘The Casebook of Bryant & May’ graphic novel from PS Publishing.

10 comments on “Ten Beautiful Things”

  1. John Howard says:

    Yes to those I have seen/experienced from the above list, but how about:

    1) The view of the Atlas mountains across the Straits of Gibraltar from our living room window. (Circa 1967-1970)

    2) Apple and all its shiny things

    3) My Daughter

    4) A good stereo system

    5) Anything by Michelangelo

    6) Books in all their forms, print and digital

    7) ‘The Christ of Saint John of the Cross’ by Salvador Dali (Who needs to be religious to appreciate?)

    8) Sydney Opera House

    9) Port

    10) The latest offering from Christopher Fowler

  2. snowy says:

    While not a thing of beauty, the ‘Gangnam parody’ featuring Repulican Candidate ‘Mitt Romney’ is a piece of class work.

    It’s like Spitting Image but with a budget.

    I won’t put a direct link, because it gums up the works. If you cut and paste the words in ‘ ‘ it will be near the top of the results.

  3. Alan G says:

    Oh for… (unmentionable) then shave, shower, dressing gown and morning paper. Toast, butter, marmite, coffee. Emails and Facebook.

    What is wrong with you guys?

  4. Jez Winship says:

    We were in Manchester Art Gallery a week or so ago and it is a wonderful place – a bit of the old Victorian city still standing amidst all the showy regeneration. It has a superb collection of Victorian art, including some of the most instantly recognisable pictures from the period: Millais Autumn Leaves, William Powell Frith’s Derby Day and Ford Madox Brown’s Hampstead-set Work. There’s some great early and mid twentieth century British art on display, too, with favourites such as Paul Nash and Gwen John. I even picked up a postcard of one of Mervyn Peake’s wartime Glassblowers paintings, although unfortunately it wasn’t actually on display. The café was great too, very friendly and you could eat a ‘Manchester Brunch’ (black pudding was involved) which set you up for the rest of the day. Leeds and Birmingham art galleries, also fine Victorian buildings in the civic heart of the city, are equally good.

  5. John Howard says:

    Hi Alan. Sorry for offending but you need to understand that we are just southern softies, not a northern hard man like yourself so we have a different mind set. As for your list, toast, butter & marmite I can cope with but it needs to be tea with that not coffee. (Builders tea you understand, not that namby pamby earl grey stuff). Additionally the ‘unmentionable’ tends to be just a regular part of my day so it usually needs to be a bit special to be classed as beautiful. Hope that clarifies.

  6. Dan Terrell says:

    Were the Irish girls headheads? Or those with hair as dark as night? Or hair the color of a medium dark ale? Just asking.
    For blondes, I’ll stick with Germans, less pale than the Nords.
    As to the list, I’ll second: 2, 4, 7 and 10. I’ll add: “Please send us your full manuscript by Priority return mail.”

  7. glasgow1975 says:

    no7 John, Scotland’s Favourite Painting according to a poll in 2006, maybe I’ll pop along and have another look in your honour 😛

  8. Helen Martin says:

    Read an article about Manchester’s gallery in which it was most highly praised. I think it was a Ford Maddox Ford that was set up by Antiques Road Show in the street where it was painted and very little in the scene had changed.
    Dan, are those Irish ‘red’ heads in your query? I’ve finished The Historian. If I put my comments on Goodreads will you see it there? I don’t think these good folk would care for a review of that massive piece of writing.

  9. John Howard says:

    Thanks for that glasgow1975 please do enjoy. Went to see it (again) when I was in Glasgow last year.

  10. Chris Everest says:

    Helen – How would I get to read your review of The Historian on GoodReads – I couldn’t find you ? it ?

    Smell of cut grass.(hint of cricket)
    Chilled White Wine.
    Books that make me laugh (or cry).
    Clean sheets.

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