Monthly Archives: October 2012

Why We’re All Doomed

Nobody likes to be caught in a storm – but yesterday, it was as much to do with the storm of comments that followed online articles about Hurricane/Tropical Storm Sandy that provided the unwelcome blizzard. As the torrential rains hit New York, the deskbound classes went into overdrive. The result provides proof of why our […]

Re:View – ‘Little Shop Of Horrors – The Director’s Cut’

This was a long time coming. Muppet man Frank Oz’s take on Roger Corman’s no-budget two-day wonder famously flopped in cinemas despite a prestigious production peppered with star turns. 1986 wasn’t a good time to be opening a film that mixed horror parody with science fiction and retro-pop songs, but there was another problem; Ellen […]

Nice Place – I’ll Take It

Amazingly, there are still a few London buildings that don’t house retail opportunities. The Guardian is featuring seventeen of London’s hidden interiors here – well, some aren’t all that hidden, but they’re certainly less well-known – and the challenge would be to visit them all, as the opening times of such places tend to be […]

Give Them The Creeps This Christmas

My Christmas gift to myself this year was purchased last night. It’s ‘Ghost Stories For Christmas’ – the box set issued by the BFI. It’s a five-disc set containing; Disc 1 Whistle and I’ll Come to You (1968 & 2010 versions) Jonathan Miller and Christopher Frayling discuss the 1968 version Introduction to the 1968 version […]

Phantoms By Firelight

The time: Wednesday 31 Oct, 7-9pm. The place: Blacks Club, 67 Dean St, London W1. The event: Phantoms by Firelight. Where better to celebrate Halloween than in the atmospheric old drawing room at Blacks, with its flickering fire and guttering candles? As dusk gathers around the eaves of the old Georgian house in Soho, and […]

Stupid Research For Hallowe’en

According to a new study by researchers at the University of Westminster, viewers who watch a 90-minute horror film are likely to burn up to 113 calories – roughly the equivalent of a half-hour walk. Some movies are more effective than others, however: of the 10 films studied, the top calorie-burners were the Stanley Kubrick […]

Hallowe’en: Finding The Heart Of The Ghost Story

I’m doing Hallowe’en events all next week, and I’ll be reading several new ghost stories, but I still struggle to find a way of reaching the heart of the ghost story. Some questions need to be asked. In modern times, how can we believe in them? Are ghost stories horror stories? What are they for? […]

Hope For Paperbacks After All?

Yesterday I attended London’s annual paperback book fair in Victoria. On previous years it had been poorly attended. Two years ago I walked in and found myself the only person in the room apart from the dealers. This year, though, the place was completely packed – what had happened? Recently we’ve been told that hardback […]

Re:View – ‘Red Lights’

Not to be confused with the excellent French thriller ‘Feux Rouges’, this film by Rodrigo Cortes, director of the nailbiter ‘Buried’, was unfairly dismissed at the box office. It’s a shame because, although flawed, it tackles something rarely seen onscreen, the flipside of shows like ‘Fringe’ and ‘The X Files’, wherein the paranormal is shown […]

The Looming Hollywood Crisis

Cinema box offices sales have hit a twenty-year low, but such troughs have been weathered easily before. This time around, though, it’s a bit different. The problem is 3D, which has artificially raised cinema’s profits, and the fact that the so-called revolution turned out, once again, to be a fad that the public doesn’t really […]