Am I The Only One Watching This?


‘The best thing about being smart is that you can get through most of your life without doing any work.’
So says one of the characters at the community college – ‘college for losers’ – where a disparate group of socially awkward people take study classes together under the tutelage of Chevy Chase (who has now morphed into an old guy). The show, ‘Community’ is in its third season in the US and is showing on a channel so obscure that I still haven’t found it on my EPG.

‘Community’ is Deep American in places (lots of pop culture references) but the dialogue isn’t meant ironically, which is good, and is probably the only show ever to explain the connection between sharks, pencils and Ben Affleck. It also reminds you just how terrific Chevy Chase’s comic timing is. But the main thing is the writing, which is wonderful, so of course you can’t find it on real TV, just on creepy cable channels no-one watches. Check it out.

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  1. Laurel says:

    I love Community. Waiting with bated breath to see what becomes of it now they fired the creator and main writer.

  2. andrea yang says:

    Thanks for the recommendation… I did not know this show existed but it seems worth a look!

  3. Dan Terrell says:

    Never watched it. Now, I’ll to.
    It’s on NBC here, so no searching. Thanks.
    Since I understood all of the trailer’s references in the dialogue, it must be truly be Deep American. Well written, lots of word play, and funny. Checy Chase is now an author.
    How long must we wait before Deep American, D**p Br*t*sh, Deep French (yes, definately), and others appear the Oxford, Websters and the New American dictionaries?

  4. admin says:

    Hey Dan, I’m working on that!

  5. John Howard says:

    OK, at least Laurel watches it as well. Thanks for the recommendation. Here’s one of mine. Try ‘The Newsroom’ Class writing and ensemble acting with Jeff Daniels as the lead. Give it a try.

    Go Deep English…!!! (I think that is how our friends from over the pond may shout encouragement)

  6. Dan Terrell says:

    Go for it, admin.
    I see the Deep modifier employed before a national group as most often producing a complement, rather than a snide or critical observation. Tone of voice, or course, in rather key here.
    The remark: “Nose clips on men! We’re going in Deep now.” Is much more of a military, accounting, drains maintance or, perhaps, zoo keeping usage.
    Some day over an ale, I may tell you all how they “clean” the big animals before they send them out onto the theater stage or into the circus ring. Don’t ask for it in print.
    Deep Thai is okay in Thailand, just don’t use it in Indonesian. It’s similar to para above.
    Next to lastly, as I have said before, Shirley Bassey shoiuld re-record Goldfinger with the words: D**p *ngl*sh.
    And lastly, a few moments ago I got – really – an e-mail advert. from Johns Hopkins University Press announcing a new book for the white-haired generation. It’s title? Deep Brain Stimulation.
    It’s back to query lettering for me. Yuck.

  7. Helen Martin says:

    “producing a compliment”, Dan? Perhaps your wife editing your posts would help. Sorry, I only got two hours sleep last night and was looking for cheerful. Several loud bursts of laughter, including one of admiration for Shirley Bassey and “Deep English”, are having a positive effect, but having to overcome the homonym above. Cheers.

  8. Helen Martin says:

    Oh, and I’m going to look for Community on our cable NBC station.

  9. Dan Terrell says:

    Helen – no problem. My wife, however, says “Please tell, Helen, she will only edit what’s to be sold.”
    I need to get that white pad and pencil to set beside the PC and a new pair of lens. She says she’ll help pay for those. Wives can be good for you.

  10. Steve says:

    Haven’t seen it, but I will check it out. American pop cultural references will probably be lost on me though; I haven’t been a part of pop culture since the ’60’s. But as for “Newsroom” – absolutely, astoundingly, excellent. Can’t recommend it highly enough.

  11. Helen Martin says:

    I can’t find Community on NBC unless it is a daytime program. There’re all those talent shows, though, and perhaps it will be run in place of one of those. One can only hope. By the way, I hope those talent show people don’t think they have anything new because there was a talent show that started in the ’40s and carried on well into the ’50’s. Blast! I can’t remember the host, but I know there’s someone out there to tell me before my husband does, with a look of terrible pity. Stupid sentence but I just don’t feel like re-writing it.

  12. Dan Terrell says:

    Did Major Bowes Amateur Hour and The Original Amateur Hour cross the border? They were ’40s & ’50’s U. S. shows on radio and early television that I sometimes listened to before bed.

  13. Helen Martin says:

    Thank-you, Dan. I knew I could count on someone. Yes, it was heard up here as well. My mother grew up on the prairies in the twenties and she said they could get Salt Lake City and somewhere in Oklahoma on one of those odd sky arcs or whatever they are. Better in some parts of the year than in others, of course. There were quite a few talented people discovered by that program but performers have so many other ways of getting seen today that there aren’t likely to be so many found on these shows.

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