Overlooked London No.1


The first in an occasional series of places I like that are there in plain sight, or sometimes hidden away, but generally overlooked by the passing public. This is in an unprepossessing spot, the one-way system around Gray’s Inn Road at 66, Acton St, and is virtually invisible from the exterior – except that on a summer’s night there is usually a crowd around it – a good sign.

The Queen’s Head is a gem of a pub that appears to have been deep-frozen around 1935. It has ale festivals, comedy nights, folk sessions, blues & roots nights, quizzes and singsongs at the piano as well as a very relaxed attitude to closing time, which may or may not be midnight.

There’s a piano and board games and magazines dating back to the 1920s, and beer barrels and old oak tables, and the kind of lighting that no longer exists in pubs – there’s also, oddly, a youngish hip crowd who can’t possibly realise how untouched the pub is.

The only shock is emerging into a horrible road choked with Tesco trucks and realising that, dammit, it’s the present day.

2 comments on “Overlooked London No.1”

  1. Vickie says:

    Funny (last paragraph)! Re third paragraph: I hope you are being cautious and watchful in your outlook…one must avoid the phrase “..those young whippersnappers…” which would be a sign of COPS (crabby old person syndrome).

  2. Dan Terrell says:

    Vickie great to see you commenting again, but careful with the tweeks!
    COPS, I like it. (Never heard it used that way. Normally, its been “Cheese it, Louie, out the back. It’s da cops!”
    Whippersnapper – I haven’t heard that since I was pint sized, a little shaver, Peck’s bad boy and other Americanisms.

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