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Yes, it’s ‘The Maniacal Laugh’ mixtape, to be played whenever you’re feeling a bit fed up, like when your MS has just been rejected or you realise it’s going to be winter again without having passed through summer.

2 comments on “B-Waaa-Ha-Ha-Haa!”

  1. snowy says:

    Not the best of days?

    I’ll match your video with two that cheer me up despite any ill mood.

    The first is definately NSFW


    And the second is just silly


    (not my work but that of a more talented soul).

  2. glasgow1975 says:

    It would be churlish of me to mention I’m skipping the British ‘Summer’ by having a ‘Tropical Winter’ in Brisbane, around me woolly jumpers & cardigans, while I’m in shorts & t shirt 🙂
    I’m even off to the beach this weekend 🙂

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