Bring On The Roast Potatoes!

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I’m on my way to Greece right now, so here’s Julia Child reminding us about roast potatoes, thanks to some great editing and an auto tuner, and my friend Jennifer, who found it on YouTube.

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  1. John Howard says:

    That was just magic. It bought a smile to my face and my saliva glands are working overtime. “Fast and rough and tough” Who needs exercise, just get out in the kitchen and cook.

    By the way, I had not missed the casual reference to a Greek trip. Do they need help with the debt crisis? Maybe the boys can work out what supernatural powers have created it and so earn us the right to keep the mass of Greek masonry that we have amassed over the years?

  2. Helen Martin says:

    The CBC ran this on radio to mark her birthday (did you see the Google doodle?) and I thought it was just wonderful, but the pictures really make it. Bon Appetit, indeed.

  3. Dan Terrell says:

    A friend of mine just chatted with me about Julia. He told me that he and two other people had secured Julia’s kichen, had it stored at their expense, and then donated it to our Smithsonian museum. They helped set it up and worked with the museum to develop an installation with his photos of her. It is there for visitors to see and has been for some time. I never knew that he was involved. Go see it, if you’re here.

  4. Helen Martin says:

    My husband was hoping to be in Washington for a Homeland Security gathering so if it happens I’ll make sure he sees it. The Smithsonian (the castle) was top of his list for his free time.

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